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World Explorer

World Explorer achievements are earned when a player explores a certain percentage of a CoffeeMUD world. Explorer achievements can also be created for specific areas, instead of an entire world.

Achievement Percent Explored Region Title Reward
Explorer 1 10% World
Explorer 2 25% World *, Wanderer
Explorer 3 50% World *, Explorer
Explorer 4 75% World *, Great Explorer
Explorer 5 95% World *, Master Explorer
Explore 90% of the Southern Sea 90% Southern Sea *, Southern Sea Guide 1000 XP
Explore 90% of the Wine Dark Sea 90% Wine Dark Sea *, Wine Dark Sea Guide 1000 XP
Explore 90% of the Northern Ocean 90% Northern Ocean *, Northern Ocean Guide 1000 XP
Explore 90% of the Dragon Sea 90% Dragon Sea *, Dragon Sea Guide 1000 XP
Explore 90% of the Great Ocean 90% Great Ocean *, Great Ocean Guide 1000 XP
Explore 90% of the Itantan Sea 90% Itantan Sea *, Itantan Sea Guide 1000 XP