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The triumph system is an end-game mechanic to revisit some of your favorite adventuring spots and face increasingly tougher challenges. Your Triumph rating will determine the difficulty of the mobs with respect to your party. Completing certain goals within the Triumph will result in an increase in your Triumph rating. You can find your Triumph rating on your SCORE screen once you reach level 91. At ratings above 100 Triumph, enemies will gain additional abilities from Triumph Arcs.

Triumph Arcs

Arcs are additional abilities that MOBs within a triumph gain for added difficulty. Players with a Triumph rating over 100 will have to fight mobs with a number of Arcs equal to their Triumph rank. Rank I arcs cycling every real life day, rank II arcs cycling every real life week, rank III arcs cycling every real life month, and rank IV arcs cycling every real life season (3 months). Higher ranking arcs will not duplicate a lower ranking arc, so higher level arcs will always add an additional ability type.

Arc type Effect Notes
Electrocuting Mobs gain electrical abilities
Burning Mobs gain fire-based abilities
Acidizing Mobs gain acid-based abilities
Freezing Mobs gain frost-based abilities
Healing Mobs gain Healing domain abilities
Creation Mobs gain Creation domain abilities
Vexing Mobs gain Vexing domain abilities
Plant Growth Mobs gain Plant Growth domain abilities
Evangelism Mobs gain Evangelism domain abilities
Preserving Mobs gain Preserving domain abilities
Abjuration Mobs gain Abjuration domain abilities
Trapping Mobs gain Trapping domain abilities
Breeding Mobs gain Breeding domain abilities
Combat Lore Mobs gain Combat Lore domain abilities
Evasive Mobs gain Evasive domain abilities
Criminal Mobs gain Criminal domain abilities
Illusion Mobs gain Illusion domain abilities
Transmutation Mobs gain Transmutation domain abilities
Cursing Mobs gain Cursing domain abilities
Stealing Mobs gain Stealing domain abilities
Martial Mobs gain Martial Lore domain abilities

Triumph Rewards

Item drops from these Triumph areas will be increased in power proportional to the Triumph level, providing added incentive to participate in these challenges. However, items found in Triumphs cannot be learned for crafting.

Completing a Triumph will reward Victory Points, which can be exchanged at a Triumph vendor for a variety of rewards.

Triumph Providers

A Triumph Provider is a MOB that assigns a Triumph to you, which must be completed within the next hour.

Area Provider Name Triumph Category Triumph Daily Limit Notes
Midgaard General Deez Theran 5 Located in the Theran Protector's Guild off of Park Road.