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Domain: Crafting
Available: Abjurer(10) Alterer(10) Arcanist(10) Artisan(1) Assassin(10) Barbarian(10) Bard(10) Beastmaster(10) Burglar(10) Cavalier(10) Charlatan(10) Cleric(10) Conjurer(10) Delver(10) Diviner(10) Doomsayer(10) Druid(10) Enchanter(10) Evoker(10) Fighter(10) Gaian(10) Healer(10) Illusionist(10) Jester(10) Mage(10) Mer(10) Minstrel(10) Missionary(10) Monk(10) Necromancer(10) Ninja(10) Oracle(10) Paladin(10) Pirate(10) Dancer(10) Purist(10) Ranger(10) Reliquist(10) Scholar(10) Shaman(10) SkyWatcher(10) Templar(10) Thief(10) Transmuter(10) Trapper(10) Wizard(10)
Allows: Rushed Crafting Quick Worker Advanced Crafting Quick Crafting Blacksmithing
UseCost: Movement (35)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: SMELTING
Examples: smelt steel

smelt list smelt list steel smelt list uses platinum smelt list all smelt bronze 10

Description: This skill allows a player to create metal alloys, such as steel, bronze, and adamantium. You can also make very strong metals, such as steel. To begin smelting, the player must be in a room with an open fire burning, and must have placed the two base metals he or she wishes to make the alloy from on the ground. If you have excess metals, you may specify a max amount of each base metal to smelt. The raw metal for smelting is found using the Mining skill.


SMELT LIST will display all available smelting recipes a specific character can make.


  • Smelting conserves the mass of the materials you put in. If you SMELT STEEL 10, you need 10 iron and 10 coal to produce 20 steel.
  • Smelting large quantities of material at once may cause your room to overflow with items. Most private property is limited to 1000 items, so if you smelt 1000 steel from a 1000# iron bundle and 1000# coal bundle, you will get 2000 steel items (not bundled!), which will flow out into adjacent rooms.
  • Picking up a pound of smelted material and dropping it will cause all resources of that type to auto bundle in the room (IE, all steel will be joined into the steel bundle).
  • It is possible to find resources of the same name that have special properties (good or bad). If these are dropped in the same room as your base stock resource, they could "corrupt" your resource, transferring their properties to all within that bundle. Therefore, it is important that you manage your resources carefully.
  • Resources that have special properties transfer their properties to a crafted item, or to another smelted recipe.
    • When used to smelt a new resource, only 1 material's special properties will be present, deferring to the first material component in the list, then subsequent, and finally to the new recipe's special properties.