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Slayer achievements are attained when a character completes a set amount of kills of a particular type of MOB, be it of a specified level, race, alignment, name, class or some other parameter or combination of parameters.

Achievement Kill Count Slayer Parameters Title Reward
Dragon Slayer 200 Level>20, Race=Dragon *, Dragon Slayer
Cat Hater 1000 Racial Category=Feline *, Cat Hater
Exterminator 500 Racial Category=Insect, Arachnid, or Rodent *, Exterminator
Dispatch 1000 Slimes 1000 Racial Category=Slime *, Slime Hater
Snakes! Why'd it have to be 1000 snakes? 1000 Racial Category=Ophidian *, Snake Hater
Destroy 1000 Zombies 1000 Racial Category=Undead, must have "zombie" in their name *, the Walking Dead Destroyer
Kill 1000 Dwarves 1000 Racial Category=Dwarf *, Dwarf-foe
Kill 1000 Elves 1000 Racial Category=Elf *, Elfbane
Kill 1000 Orcs 1000 Race=Orc *, Orc-foe
Destroy 10000 Undead 10000 Racial Category=Undead *, Undead-hunter
Massacre 10000 Cows 10000 Racial Category=Bovine *, the Bovine Butcher
Slayer of the Ancient Red Dragon, Syvenest! 1 Syvenest the Ancient Red Dragon
Slayer of the Demon-Lord, Xizsht! 1 Xizsht, the Demon-Lord
Slayer of the Battlemage of Jhuidan! 1 The battlemage in Jhuidan
Slayer of the eternal phoenix! 1 The Eternal Phoenix
Slayer of the Minotaur Lord, Mahn-Tor! 1 Mahn-Tor
Slayer of the Deep Red Dragon, Churuug! 1 the Deep Red Dragon Churuug!
Slayer of the vile Darken Rahl! 1 Darken Rahl
Kill Hassan 1 Hassan HASSAssiNator *
Kill Erigoneous 1 Erigoneous Higher Sword *
Kill Samostus 1 Samostus Higher Word *
Kill the Captain of the Elvenhame City Guard 1 the Captain of the City Guard
Kill Kamatres 1 Kamatres * the Less Just
Kill Nommus 1 Nommus * Skullhammered
Sink an enemy in ship-to-ship combat 1 Ship Combat
Sink 10 enemies in ship-to-ship combat 10 Ship Combat
Sink 100 enemies in ship-to-ship combat 100 Ship Combat
Sink 1000 enemies in ship-to-ship combat 1000 Ship Combat Dread Captain *
Sink 10000 enemies in ship-to-ship combat 10000 Ship Combat Dread Commander *
Sink 100000 enemies in ship-to-ship combat 100000 Ship Combat Dread Admiral *
Conquering Maelstrom 1 Name=Maelstrom
Colossal kraken killer 1 Name=a krakens head
Conquering Maelstrom 1 Name=maelstrom 200 XP
Victor of the ultimate dragon battle 1 Name=a chromatic five headed dragon
Defeated the Trial of Courage in Tzbraka's Training Academy* 1 Name=a red-crested firedrake 200 XP
Celebrate 420 Day 1 Name=the munchies * the Casual User 500 XP
Killing in Cannabis I 100 Name=a small joint 1 Train
Killing in Cannabis II 100 Name=a bowlful of resinated bud 1 Train
Killing in Cannabis III 100 Name=a blunt 1 Train
Killing in Cannabis IV 50 Name=Cannabis Sativa 1 Train
Killing in Cannabis V 50 Name=Cannabis Indica 1 Train
Killing in Cannabis VI 50 Name=a really bad trip 1 Train
Killed Snoop Dog 1 Name=Snoop Dogg 1 Practice
Killed Willie Nelson 1 Name=Willie Nelson 1 Practice
Killed Cheech Marin 1 Name=Cheech Marin 1 Practice
Killed Tommy Chong 1 Name=Tommy Chong 1 Practice
Killed Bob Marley 1 Name=Bob Marley 1 Practice
Killed Whoopi Goldberg 1 Name=Whoopi Goldberg 1 Practice
Killed Tom Petty 1 Name=Tom Petty 1 Practice
The Day The Music Died Killed Snoop Dog, Killed Willie Nelson, Killed Cheech Marin, Killed Tommy Chong, Killed Bob Marley, Killed Whoopi Goldberg, Killed Tom Petty *, the Uncool

Achievements with a * reset upon REMORT.


  • As of 3/8/21, Slayer of Syvenst achievement is not working. Will need to revisit after next reboot.