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Domain: Arcane Lore
Available: Abjurer(1) Alterer(1) Arcanist(3) Artisan(1) Assassin(5) Bard(3) Beastmaster(1) Burglar(5) Charlatan(8) Cleric(1) Conjurer(1) Delver(5) Diviner(1) Doomsayer(1) Druid(1) Enchanter(1) Evoker(1) Fighter(13) Gaian(1) Healer(1) Illusionist(1) Jester(5) Mage(1) Mer(1) Minstrel(5) Missionary(1) Necromancer(1) Oracle(1) Paladin(7) Pirate(5) Purist(1) Ranger(5) Scholar(5) Shaman(1) SkyWatcher(1) Templar(1) Thief(3) Transmuter(1) Wizard(1)
Allows: Arcane Lore Rodsmithing Wand Making
UseCost: Mana (51)
Quality: Always Beneficial
Targets: Caster only
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Description: A wand is an holdable item that can be used to create magical affects.

This skill allows one to effectively use an arcane wand or staff. To invoke a wand or staff, it must first be held. Then the magic word is spoken to the target. For instance, if the magic word is 'zuy', you would enter the following to invoke your wand: sayto orc zuy. Using SAYTO instead of SAY is important because SAY might target the wrong person or thing. You can also use SAYTO NOBODY <magic word> to make sure you aren't targeting anyone.

If the spell on the wand requires extra parameters, then you can include those after the casting words. For a wand of Summon, for instance, you might try: say zuy cityguard. Wands generally require a small amount of mana to use, and less if the wand user is capable of learning the spell cast by the wand.


If a single MOB is in the room when you try to zap your wand, the wand will automatically try to target the MOB.