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Targets: Mobs
Examples: tickdelay=10 peacemover=true areaonly=false
Description: This behavior will turn a mob into a helpful member of the crew of a large boardable sailing ship. With no arguments, this behavior will make the mob stand idle until their ship is in combat, at which point they will load and aim weapons they encounter. By default, they act more frequently based on their level from 1-30.

If a mob has the Shipwright behavior, they will automatically mend the ship when not in combat, or when the ship is badly hurt during combat. If a mob has Grapples and is Mobile, they will throw grapples and board enemy ships when appropriate.


  • TICKDELAY - the number of ticks between actions, whether in combat or no
  • PEACEMOVER - will sail the ship around at random when not in combat
  • AREAONLY - whether the ship stays in-area when sailing around
  • FIGHTMOVER - will sail the ship around at (somewhat) random during combat
  • WIMPY - if FIGHTMOVER is true, will make the ship run away when losing
  • FIGHTTECH - will load and aim weapons during combat
  • AGGRO - will target other ships they encounter and start fights
  • AGGROMOBS - if AGGRO is true, this will also start fights with mob-only ships
  • AGGROLEVELCHECK - if AGGRO, this will only fight with near-level enemy ships
  • AGGROMASK - if AGGRO, a zappermask to filter enemies. See help ZAPPERMASK.
  • DEFENDER - if DEFENDER is true, the mob will seek the deck to defend against boarders
  • BOARDER - if BOARDER is true, this mob will seek the enemy ship to attack enemy crew