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Targets: Rooms, Areas
Parameters: # of ticks of inactivity before reset


Examples: 4000
Description: This behavior provides an alternative means of resetting your rooms and areas. The system will total reset a room (mobs and items) which has not been visited by a player in the given amount of ticks. Remember that a tick is about 4 seconds. You can alternatively specify a real life hour (0-23) or mud hour of the day with the RLHOUR or MUDHOUR parameters. An Area with this behavior will skip over any rooms which also have this behavior, allowing you to have different total reset times for certain rooms. Of course, this behavior does not override the existing REJUV system for mobs and items, so if you would like to use the ResetWhole system exclusively, you should set the rejuv rate on all the mobs and items in your game to 0, which disables their internal rejuvenation.