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Effect: Changing properties/attributes
Targets: All
Examples: trigger=get bubble=false ammocapacity=10
Description: This property changes the settable fields on the affected object, or an items owner if bubble=true. The change occurs on the trigger, and is undone on an opposing event, if the trigger has one. The supported triggers are: ALWAYS, ENTER, BEING_HIT, WEAR_WIELD, GET, USE, PUT ,MOUNT, DROP_PUTIN, HITTING_WITH. The stats you can discover by using LIST STATS "CLASSNAME".

Now the warnings: Most fields can be temporarily and conditionally adjusted safely using the various Prop_*Adjuster properties. This property makes permanent savable changes, similar to MPGSET in a script. It *might* also be able to safely undo a change, making it seem temporary, but its best to use this as a last resort, and to test it first.