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This page is intended for the discussion of HOW to assist players with common issues.

Log in issues

  • If a character cannot log in, and their ACCOUNT screen shows that their character is a level 0 STDMOB, then we have a doppleganger bug. To solve, ask the player to remain offline until you can correct it. Search the world with a WHERE (PlayerName) command. If the player name appears, GOTO each instance of the player name, verify that it is not a MOB that just shares the player's name, and DESTROY (MobName) if the mob is an erroneous doppleganger of the player. Once all dopplegangers are destroyed, do an UNLOAD (player name), and select YES for the save prompt. The player should be able to log in correctly.

Player seeing weird room information

  • Check if the player is under the affects of hallucination, or some other illusions.
  • Check if the player is under the affects of Scrying, or some other divination.
  • Check if the room the player is in is under the affects of a mirage, or alternate room view.
  • Check if the player is affected by the doppleganger bug. Do a WHERE (playername). If there is more than one mob with the player's name (including the player), then GOTO each instance of the player name and verify that it is not a MOB that just shares the player's name. If the mob appears to be an erroneous doppleganger of the player, then inform the player that you need them to logout for a couple of minutes while you correct the issue. Once the player is logged out (or you get tired waiting for a response), use UNLOAD USER (PlayerName) and Save (Y) the player. Then DESTROY (MobName) any mob that appears to be an erroneous doppleganger. Once all dopplegangers are destroyed, the player may log back in. Special NOTE: Do NOT destroy the doppleganger while the player is still online, as this will delete the player!

Player can't find home/clan property/ship

This is especially common for players returning after a long hiatus. The LIST REALESTATE (PlayerName/ClanName) is ideal for this. For players who frequently have an issue with this, recommend they learn the Find Home and Find Ship skills.

Clanship isn't available for use

This issue is particularly troubling if CLANHOMESET, CLANDONATESET, or CLANMORGUESET was used on the clanship.

  • Attempt to determine who originally purchased the clanship. I normally ask the player, or go through the officer roster. Once you know (or start guessing at) the purchaser, do an AS (PlayerName) SCORE to get that player to load into the game, thereby loading their ship into the game.
  • Recommend that players log out while still on their clanship to prevent this from happening. A player on their clanship will cause it to load regardless of who the original purchaser was.


This may be a stuck thread issues. If it is do the following:

  • wait a few seconds
  • Figure out which one is hopelessly hung between the two lists, or issue another LIST THREAD ACTIVE
  • DESTROY THREAD [threadname]

Breeding Issues

  • If a baby refuses to grow up, even with multiple Speed Agings, then, using the command line, delete the child's prop_safepet and age properties. Finish out your edit. Reedit the mob and add in prop_safepet and age(123456).