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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
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While the CoffeeMUD engine is designed for flexibility, including classless and levelless systems, The official CoffeeMUD uses a class-based system with many subclasses. There are seven Base Classes in CoffeeMUD. The Apprentice is the starting class for the Commoner Base class, all the other base classes are the same name as the base (IE, the Bard is the starting class of the Bard Base class). In order to play a different subclass of one of the base classes, a character must Multiclass into the subclass.

Base Classes


Each class was designed to reach its peak of gainable skills at level 30, although some classes have abilities at higher levels. Changing to another class is done by going to your respective guild and training in the class of your choice. The classes you can become are listed when you type QUALIFY. Changing to another class is done using the TRAIN command.

When multiclassing, always keep in mind the classes you want to become and how far you would want to go in them. Some classes affect others in a negative way. If you plan to get to level 30 with three subclasses, train in the first before your first level of the game. This ensures level 30 status with all the classes. Generally speaking, it is desirable to gain 30 levels in a class before taking another class (except at level 1, when you should feel free to change your class to the desired subclass). This maximizes your potential to gain the most powerful abilities that class has to offer, and provides an added bonus if you decide to REMORT at some point in the future.

Just keep track of how far you feel like taking each class, whether it is to a certain skill or to it's full potential. It is not required, but can add a dimension to playing.

Aside from the Commoner Base Class, all subclasses must remain within the character's base class.