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This page is intended for the discussion of HOW to build a GenClass, not a listing of the classes themselves (which should be available in the player CLASS page). Classes can be created through the command line (CL) or through the MUDGrinder.

CL Class Creation

Using the CREATE CLASS <CLASSNAME> command, you can create a new GenClass. If you use CREATE CLASS <CLASSNAME> on an existing StdClass, it will convert that class to a GenClass. This may result in loss of some special functionality of that class, so use with caution. Using MODIFY CLASS <CLASSNAME> will let you edit an existing GenClass.

1. Number of Class Names: : This field allows you to specify different names for the class at different levels. The default is one. 2. Class Name: This field is the list of class names assigned to various levels. The default should be the same name as the GenClass name. 3. Level Cap (?): This is the maximum levels that a character can gain in this class. Use '-1' to denote the server parameters, or some other positive interger desired. 4. Base Class: This field is used to denote the BASE CLASS type. This will affect various zappermasks. 5. Availability: This determines the types of world settings where the class is allowed. Use 'Unavailable' to prevent players from gaining access to this class through normal means (training at a trainer, for example). 6. HP/Level Formula: '((@x6<@x7)/3)+(1*(1?10))'. 7. Mana/Level Formula: '((@x4<@x5)/6)+(1*(1?3))'. 8. Prac/Level: '3'. 9. Attack/Level: '0'. 10. Attack Attribute: 'DEXTERITY'. 11. Practices/1stLvl: '5'. 12. Trains/1stLvl: '3'. 13. Levels/Dmg Pt: '5'. 14. Move/Level Formula: '6*((@x2<@x3)/18)'. 15. Armor Restr.: 'Must wear leather, cloth, or vegetation based armor.'. 16. Armor restricts only spells: 'false'. 17. Limitations: . 18. Bonuses: . 19. Qualifications: 'Anyone'. 20. Min. Stats: Dexterity(12), Strength(12). 21. Required Races: . 22. PhysStat Adjustments: . 23. CharStat Adjustments: Max strength adj.(4) Max dexterity adj.(4) . 24. CharStat Settings: . 25. CharState Adjustments: . 26. New Player CharState Adj.: . 27. Extra CharClass Flags: . 28. Weapon Restr.: . 29. Weapon Materials: . 30. Outfit: . 31. Starting Money: . 32. Stat-Modifying Class: 'com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.CharClasses.Monk'. 33. Special Events Class: . 34. Sub Class Switch Rule: 'BASEONLY'. 35. Max Non-Crafting Skills: '5'. 36. Max Crafting Skills: '2'. 37. Max All-Common Skills: '0'. 38. Max Languages: '3'. 39. Class Abilities: [...]. 40. Number of Security Code Sets: : '0'.