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CoffeeMUD is the official production server for the CoffeeMUD codebase. We try to showcase some of the versatility of the CoffeeMUD codebase, while adding new features to improve our happy little world. Many of the features of CoffeeMUD can be manipulated by INI settings or through clever building of areas.

Address 2323


MUD Clients

There are many good MUD clients out there, but here is a listing of clients some of our players prefer:

Client Website OS Features
zMUD Windows MSP, MXP, Multiple Connections, Triggers, Macros
PocketMUD iOS
Mudrammer iOS Up to 4 connections simultaneously, Triggers, Macros
DuckClient Chromebook

Contact Email

Playing this CoffeeMUD

CoffeeMUD uses an Account System, which is a collection of characters. On our CoffeeMUD, the INI settings allow for 3 active characters to be online from a single account at a time.

Character Races

CoffeeMUD uses the default Player Races of the CoffeeMUD codebase.

Character Classes

CoffeeMUD uses the default Player Classes of the CoffeeMUD codebase.


Clans are internal social organizations within CoffeeMUD. As you might have guessed, our CoffeeMUD uses the default Clan Settings.


Achievements are a way of flagging special events in a character's career, or over a player's account. CoffeeMUD has a modified list of the default achievements.

Accessibility Information

CoffeeMUD has a long list of features useful to players using screen-readers. See our Guide For Screen-Reader Users (work in progress).