Magthere Wa`q

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===Magthere Wa`q===
Description: The ancient trials of Magthere Wa`q await young underdark dwellers on their right of passage to adulthood!
Author: Grehyton (Modified by Loki) Currency: Alramian
Rooms: 55 Population: 34
LevelRange: 1-23 MedianLevel: 1
AvgAlign: pure neutral MedAlignment: pure neutral
Economy: Gold Pieces are the currency of this starting zone.
Languages: Undercommon
Recommendation: This is the starting area for many underdark races. It is a more challenging start area than most.

The underdark school tower, Magthere Wa`q is a more difficult starting area than most. This is due to the harsh life that the underdwellers face, and their philosophy that if you can't survive a tough challenge early on, it is best to be rid of you and not waste limited resources on you within their society. This is the initial starting area of the deep races: Drow, Duergar, Githyanki, MindFlayer, and Svirfneblin

Useful Items


Connected Areas

Exit Method

The Initiate of the 7th ring can banish you to the surface (send you to Midgaard) if you SAY to him I AM A FAILURE.

Mrs Pippet (in the final room) can transport you to the following cities, resetting your recall to your new home. Just say HELP, and she will guide you through your options:

Reentry Method

Mistress Relney in Nidenjord can register young students (less than level 6) for Magthere Wa`q at the cost of 1000 gold pieces.



There are two trainers in Magthere Wa`q.

  • A Master in the Disc of Masters provides your first opportunity for training or changing classes.
  • The initiate of the Order in the Chamber of the 7th ring, Knowledge: This initiate can train any class, class abilities (but not racial abilities) or expertises. You may practice abilities up to 75% with this trainer. Additionally, if Magthere Wa`q is too difficult for you, you can talk to the initiate and he will provide you a recall reset to Midgaard, away from the harsh realities of the underdwellers.