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Targets: MOBs
Parameters: min, max ticks, room radius, a percent chance, mask of mobs to hunt
Examples: min=600 max=1200 chance=99 radius=50 -RACE +Human

min=50 max=1200 chance=75 -NAME "+Evil Wizards"

Description: This behavior will cause the mob to seek out a victim within the RADIUS number of rooms from where he is. The mob will then hunt down and assassinate the victim. The mob will begin the hunt according to the frequency defined by the parameters. The MIN and MAX parms decide the minimum number of ticks to wait between hunts, and the CHANCE parm determines the chance the hunt will begin at that time. The RADIUS is the number of rooms away from the mobs current room in which a victim will be sought. The rest of the parameters are a mask to determine who would make a good victim.

See AHELP ZAPPERMASK, where allowed is hunted, and disallowed is ignored.