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    • SIte Status - Following the database corruption I had earlier in the year I have now started to build things from scratch using version 5.1.5. This is going to mean a number of changes to my custom race and clases and I will update these when I have got things fully tested.


This page is about the low level Goblin mud that I am tinkering with. I have really only just started the project so the environment is really just stock rooms plus additions as documented below. Most of the things that are in the Successes section below will be in the MUD and anyone is welcome to have a go but do not expect much at present.

I am intending to use this space to document the progress on the project and also my problems. One of the reasons for documenting the problems is that I am after help in resolving them so if you know the answer then edit the page, if you have a suggestion it would be best to use the discussion page rather than editing the page.

No one else seems to be using the wiki like this at present so I do hope that I am not breaking the rules, if so please let me know.

Finally, the mud can be found at all the normal port numbers apply.

My CoffeeMud version is 4.7.13 and I am using the stock fakedb database (now updated to 5.1.5).


The first question you might have is “Why am I looking to do this in the in the first place ?”, Well in a way it is a long story, I have been role playing for longer than I care to remember and particularly with one particular group of university friends, I can even remember playing on one of the very earliest MUD’s (back in 1984 ish – I think it was hosted by Essex University but I could be wrong about this). Even now we still get together a number of times each year for various social activities (drinking) and gaining, one of the things that I ran a couple of years ago was the “Reverse Dungeon” by TSR. The Goblin part of which went down very well and I developed it into an ongoing Campaign. This has prompted the question as to alternative media in which to interact hence the attempt at doing something in a MUD.

Scope of Project

In doing the project I have set myself a number of rules, this does not mean to say that I actually know all the rules yet or that I will always stick to them, so it may be best to call them guidelines.

  • Do not modify any of the stock code base
  • Must be easy to upgrade to new versions.

The basic project is divided into a number of distinct areas as detailed below:

  • Goblin Race and Associated Character Class
  • Goblin Deities
  • Room's and areas

My Successes

As I (normally with help form others with more experience) solve the problems I will transfer the original problem and its solution to this areas.

This section got too big so is now a seperate page.

My Problems

Some of these problems may be familiar to those of you that use the Yarhoo mailing list and as I will often post there when I initially have a problem.

Deities as Members of Clans

I am looking at Deities and wish to have a clan (type clan) and allocate the deity as the boss and then assign the secret room in which the deitie lives as the clan donate area. I can then use the clan donate function as a form of sacrifice command. So the Goblin shaman could sacrifice the body of the palidin and receive some benifit from his deity.

My first problem is that having created a clan and the deity, I have made the deity a member of the clan (confirmed by the stat command), but the deity does not appear in the list of clan members and I cannot assign a position to the deity (see following text output).


   Clan Profile   : Goblin Death Heads

   Type            : Clan
    Qualifications  : Allows only Goblin, GoblinPC, Hobgoblin, Spirit.
   Disallows good.
   Exp. Tax Rate   : 5%
   Experience Pts. : 0
   Bosses          : Gnome
   Leaders         :
   Treasurers      :
   Enchanters      :
   Staff           :
   Total Members   : 2
   Members         : Goblinone
   Applicants      :
   >clanassign Maglubiyet leader

   Maglubiyet isn't a member of your Clan.
   >stat Maglubiyet
   You are Maglubiyet the level 50 mob.
   You are a male Spirit.
   You are a Member of the Goblin Death Heads Clan.

I also tried posessing the deity and getting the deity to create the clan, this gave me the added problem that since the deity was still not recognised as a clan member I could not accept any members into the clan at all.

Goblins can join Other Classes

I wish to prevent characters having a race of Goblin from being able to join the stock races, I can see how to do this by modifying the various base classes (i.e. fighter, thief, cleric, druid) but I wish to do this without changing the stock classes.

Bugs (Posibly)

Some of these may not actually be bugs, they may simply be a problem with how I have installed things.

Statisctics do not work

The statistics page on the Admin web site do not seem to work for me, when I look at the logs every time I try and use them I see the following:

   Statement: unsupported SQL in executeQuery: > 1131321598999
   11/6/2005 4:12 PM Error DataLoader no equal sign
   java.sql.SQLException: no equal sign
   at com.planet_ink.fakedb.Statement.executeQuery(
   at com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.system.DBConnection.query(
   at com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.system.StatLoader.DBReadAfter(
   at com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.system.DBInterface.DBReadStats(
   at com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.web.macros.CoffeeTableRows.runMacro(
   at com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.web.ProcessHTTPrequest.runMacro(
   at com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.web.ProcessHTTPrequest.doVirtualPage(
   at com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.web.ProcessHTTPrequest.doVirtualPage(
   at com.planet_ink.coffee_mud.web.ProcessHTTPrequest.doVirtualPage(

This occurs on both my installations, one is a fresh install and the other has been around for a while and has been upgraded several times. The Statistics page has never worked for me so I assume it is something to do with the way I have installed or confifured things. Is there anything in the coffeemud.ini file that could cause this?

Resolved in version 4.7.12

Bad link to Programmers Guide

When on the admin home web page, the link to the "Programmers Guide" is looking for a file called "Programmers.html", the file stored in the guides folder is actually called "Programming.html". Thus clicking on the link on the admin page gives you the old 404 message. Changing the file name gets things working.

Resolved in prior to 5.1.5 but after 4.7.12.

Modify Race fails

When doing modifications to the goblin race and select 21. (Resources) or 22. (Outfit), I get an error message "Oops!" and get thrown out the race modicfication process.