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==CoffeeMUD Expertises==
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Expertises are specific areas of knowledge your character has learned about, and usually enhance skills in one way or another. Expertises generally help multiple skills of a similar type or an entire domain of skills. The exact affect of an expertise varies based on the expertise and skill, but it can increase the effective level of the character, increase damage or healing, extend the amount of time the skill has affect or some other way of boosting the skill(s). Expertises do not increase in proficiency, once you train to a specific expertise level, you get the entire benefit of that expertise. However, many expertises can be improved to higher levels of expertise through more trains thereby conferring a greater bonus to each applicable skill.

Listing of Expertises

Alphabetical listing of Expertises





















Affects of Expertises

Most of the Expertises affect one of several general flags: LEVEL, TIME, MAXRANGE, LOWCOST, XPCOST, LOWFREECOST, and 5 miscellaneous: X1..X5, which are rarely used.

The way expertises work is like this: Each expertise attaches itself to one (or more) of the above flags, and then defines a set of Skill-types that they apply to. These then combine to say "For these skill types, having this expertise grants X points to flag Y".

On the other side, in the skills, the skills then look and say "How many points in flag Y does this player have which apply to me (the skill)."

For example, Nature Lore is the most common expertise type: LEVEL adjusting. And it applies to all skills of domain NATURE LORE (the name similarity is 100% coincidence, and has no functional significance). Gaining Nature Lore Expertises will increase your effective character level when using skills like Wilderness Lore.

Expertise Ranks

Most expertises may be taken multiple times, to provide higher benefits. The additional training in expertises is called a rank, and is displayed as a roman numeral. Only your highest rank is displayed (or used for benefits).

Expertise Qualifying Levels

Each expertise has a formula for qualifying level of the expertise and all subsequent ranks. You must have sufficient class levels in an ability that qualifies for the expertise to gain higher ranks in the expertise. If you multiclass into a class that does not have an ability that qualifies for the expertise (or chose no abilities that qualify for it from that class), then you may not have access to higher ranks in the expertise.


  • Stat prerequisites require a stat score and max-stat score of at least the target number for that rank of expertise.