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===Clan Ship Building===
Domain: Crafting
Available: Artisan(7)
Allows: Quick Worker Advanced Crafting Quick Crafting
UseCost: Movement (5)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: clanshipwright cruiser

clanshipwright list

clanshipwright list cruiser

clanshipwright list all

clanshipwright mend cruiser

clanshipwright scan

clanshipwright scan bob

clanshipwright title The Cargo Deck

clanshipwright desc This is a beautiful cargo deck!

clanshipwright door east

clanshipwright demolish east

Description: This skill allows a player to craft large sailing ships for clans, and alter great ships their clans own. The extent of the items which can be crafted expands as the player goes up in level. This command also allows the player to repair any combat damage on great clan ships. To begin building a new item, the player must have placed the wood he or she wishes to make the item from on the ground. Items crafted with balsa can be done with half the required wood listed, while items crafted with ironwood will require twice the required wood listed. The raw wood for building is found using the Chopping skill.


  • Artisans require Ship Building at 75% before qualifying for this ability.
  • The Crafting section has more information on general crafting concepts.