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Rooms are the places MOBs go to in the MUD. A room can be indoors or outdoors, large or small.


Room Class Locale IDs

  • CaveGrid
  • CaveMaze
  • CaveRoom
  • CaveSeaPort
  • CaveSurface
  • CityStreet
  • ClimbableLedge
  • ClimbableSurface
  • DarkStoneRoom
  • Desert
  • DesertGrid
  • DesertMaze
  • DesertThinGrid
  • EndlessOcean
  • EndlessSky
  • EndlessThinOcean
  • EndlessThinSky
  • FrozenMountains
  • FrozenPlains
  • GreatLake
  • GreatThinLake
  • HideoutShelter
  • Hills
  • HillsGrid
  • HillsThinGrid
  • HotRoom
  • IcePlains
  • IceRoom
  • IndoorInTheAir
  • IndoorShallowWater
  • IndoorUnderWater
  • IndoorUnderWaterColumnGrid
  • IndoorUnderWaterGrid
  • IndoorUnderWaterThinGrid
  • IndoorWaterSurface
  • IndoorWaterSurfaceColumn
  • IndoorWaterThinSurface
  • InTheAir
  • Jungle
  • JungleGrid
  • JungleThinGrid
  • LargeCaveRoom
  • LargeStoneRoom
  • LargeWoodRoom
  • LongerRoad
  • LongestRoad
  • LongRoad
  • MagicFreeRoom
  • MagicShelter
  • MetalRoom
  • MetalRoomMaze
  • Mountains
  • MountainsGrid
  • MountainsMaze
  • MountainsThinGrid
  • MountainSurface
  • MountainSurfaceGrid
  • MountainSurfaceThinGrid
  • OceanGrid
  • OceanThinGrid
  • OverTheLedge
  • Plains
  • PlainsGrid
  • PlainsThinGrid
  • Road
  • RoadGrid
  • RoadThinGrid
  • SaltWaterSurface
  • SaltWaterSurfaceColumn
  • SaltWaterThinSurface
  • SeaPort
  • SewerMaze
  • SewerRoom
  • ShallowWater
  • ShipDeck
  • ShipHeavyGunDeck
  • ShipHold
  • ShipLightGunDeck
  • ShipMagazine
  • ShipMedGunDeck
  • ShipQuarter
  • Shore
  • SpacePort
  • StdGrid
  • StdMaze
  • StdRoom
  • StdThinGrid
  • StoneGrid
  • StoneMaze
  • StoneRoom
  • StoneThinGrid
  • Swamp
  • SwampGrid
  • SwampThinGrid
  • ThinRoom
  • TreeSurface
  • UnderSaltWater
  • UnderSaltWaterColumnGrid
  • UnderSaltWaterGrid
  • UnderSaltWaterMaze
  • UnderSaltWaterThinGrid
  • UnderWater
  • UnderWaterColumnGrid
  • UnderWaterGrid
  • UnderWaterMaze
  • UnderWaterThinGrid
  • Void
  • WaterSurface
  • WaterSurfaceColumn
  • WaterThinSurface
  • WetCaveGrid
  • WetCaveMaze
  • WetCaveRoom
  • Whirlpool
  • WoodenDeck
  • WoodenSeaPort
  • WoodRoom
  • WoodRoomGrid
  • WoodRoomMaze
  • WoodRoomThinGrid
  • Woods
  • WoodsGrid
  • WoodsMaze
  • WoodsThinGrid

Room Adjectives

Modifier Affect Notes
ColumnGrid This room is a parent room with a matrix of identical child rooms defined in Z settings. Z is the depth of the column. Adjacent ColumnGrid rooms will connect similar Z-level rooms to each other, allowing for underwater swimming from column to column.
Endless This room is a parent room with a matrix of identical child rooms defined in X and Y settings. X is the number of rooms East-West, Y is the number of rooms North-South. Total child rooms=X*Y. Players don't have access to the parent room. Instance areas should never be in a Grid Room. All of the internally connected rooms are open to one another. Additionally, sky rooms above and water rooms below will link to the adjacent child grid room's sky rooms or water rooms. If there is no connected room in a given direction, it will wrap around to the opposite direction of the same room (e.g. if a 5x5 room only has connections out to the east and west, then the rooms in the south will wrap around to the rooms in the north, and vice versa. If a connection to the north is established, then all of the north rooms will exit to the specified room, but the south rooms will still exit to the northern row of rooms in the grid (rooms in row 4 would wrap around to rooms in row 0)).
Frozen This room has a cold climate.
Great or Grid This room is a parent room with a matrix of identical child rooms defined in X and Y settings. X is the number of rooms East-West, Y is the number of rooms North-South. Total child rooms=X*Y. Players don't have access to the parent room. Instance areas should never be in a Grid Room. All of the internally connected rooms are open to one another.
Hot This room has a hot climate.
Ice This room has a cold climate, and wet if outdoors.
Large This room has an indoor in-the-air room above it.
Long/Longer/Longest This room requires more movement than normal.
Maze This room is a parent room with a matrix of identical child rooms defined in X and Y settings. X is the number of rooms East-West, Y is the number of rooms North-South. Total child rooms=X*Y. Players don't have access to the parent room. Instance areas should never be in a Grid Room. All of the internally connected rooms have randomly available exits that are set upon area load. There will always be a path to adjacent external rooms, but the internal rooms will often make players wind about to find it.
Ocean/Salt This room has salt water instead of fresh water.
Ship This room is specially designed for use in GenSailingShips. Ship rooms have various capacity settings used to balance ship-to-ship construction and combat.
Surface This room is generally above an air or underwater room. For solid surfaces, the room requires climb. For liquid surfaces, the room requires swim. A failed climb/swim check will result in the player being moved to the room below the existing room. Water Surfaces that have no room linked beneath them will have an auto generated 3-dimensional tree of underwater rooms generated for this effect. Solid Surfaces do not auto-generate rooms below them.
Thin This room is unloaded after 15 minutes of inactivity. Thin rooms save CPU usage.
Wet This room is treated as having water readily available, but not deep enough to require swimming. Swamps and Sewers are implicitly WET.

Special Room Types

  • An IceRoom is just a cold-climate indoor stone room.
  • A Shore room is a land-based room that boats can move into, and that can be fished from.
  • A Seaport room is a land-based room that boats and ships can move into, and that can be fished from.

Domain Locales

Locale Indoors? Dark? Applicable Room Types Notes
AIR NO TIME/WEATHER EndlessSky, EndlessThinSky, InTheAir, OverTheLedge, Void
CAVE YES YES CaveGrid, CaveRoom, CaveSurface, LargeCaveRoom, SewerMaze, SewerRoom, WetCaveGrid, WetCaveMaze, WetCaveRoom Sewers are similar to WetCaves, but fewer available resources. May cause diseases.
CAVELAKESURFACE YES NO IndoorShallowWater, IndoorWaterSurface, IndoorWaterSurfaceColumn, IndoorWaterThinSurface
CITY NO TIME/WEATHER CityStreet, ShipDeck, ShipHeavyGunDeck, ShipLightGunDeck, ShipMedGunDeck, StdGrid, StdMaze, StdRoom, StdThinGrid, ThinRoom, WoodenDeck
DESERT NO TIME/WEATHER Desert, DesertGrid, DesertMaze, DesertThinGrid, Shore Increases Thirst
GAP YES NO IndoorInTheAir Includes the IndoorInTheAir rooms autogenerated by Large- rooms.
HILLS NO TIME/WEATHER Hills, HillsGrid, HillsThinGrid
IN_UNDERWATER YES NO IndoorUnderWater, IndoorUnderWaterColumnGrid, IndoorUnderWaterGrid, IndoorUnderWaterThinGrid
JUNGLE NO TIME/WEATHER Jungle, JungleGrid, JungleThinGrid May cause diseases.
METAL YES NO MetalRoom, MetalRoomMaze
MOUNTAINS NO TIME/WEATHER FrozenMountains, Mountains, MountainsGrid, MountainsMaze, MountainsThinGrid, MountainSurface, MountainSurfaceGrid, MountainSurfaceThinGrid
PLAINS NO TIME/WEATHER FrozenPlains, IcePlains, LongerRoad, LongestRoad, LongRoad, Plains, PlainsGrid, PlainsThinGrid, Road, RoadGrid, RoadThinGrid
ROCKY NO TIME/WEATHER ClimbableLedge, ClimbableSurface
STONE YES NO DarkStoneRoom, HotRoom, IceRoom, LargeStoneRoom, MagicFreeRoom, StoneGrid, StoneMaze,StoneRoom, StoneThinRoom
SWAMP YES NO Swamp, SwampGrid, SwampThinGrid These are Wet rooms. May cause diseases.
UNDERWATER NO TIME/WEATHER UnderSaltWater, UnderSaltWaterColumnGrid, UnderSaltWaterGrid, UnderSaltWaterMaze, UnderSaltWaterThinGrid, UnderWater, UnderWaterColumnGrid, UnderWaterGrid, UnderWaterMaze, UnderWaterThinGrid
WATERSURFACE NO TIME/WEATHER EndlessOcean, EndlessThinOcean, GreatLake, GreatThinLake, OceanGrid, OceanThinGrid, SaltWaterSurface, SaltWaterSurfaceColumn, SaltWaterThinSurface, Whirlpool
WOODEN YES NO HideoutShelter, LargeWoodRoom, ShipHold, ShipMagazine, ShipQuarter, WoodRoom, WoodRoomGrid, WoodRoomMaze, WoodRoomThinGrid
WOODS NO TIME/WEATHER TreeSurface, Woods, WoodsGrid, WoodsMaze, WoodsThinGrid

Grid Room considerations

  • If you mismatch gridrooms adjacent to each other (like a 2x3 gridroom west of a 5x4 gridroom) you can make some non-Euclidean areas, which has the effect of confusing player maps. This is actually useful if you are trying to make a large area that is traditionally difficult to map due to lack of landmarks, such as deserts or oceans.
  • If you place an item in the base gridroom (such as, in the grinder), the item will NOT flow down into any of the specific grids, and will not generally be accessible to players. Instead, consider giving the items to mobile MOBs in the room.
  • If you add a MOB to a gridroom, make sure that they are mobile so they can leave the parent room into the individual grid rooms.
  • When creating a link between a non-grid room and a grid room in the grinder, select the grid room's exit first, then the non-grid room's exit. Doing the converse results in some unusual behavior.
Example of a broken link when linking from a non-gridroom to a gridroom.
Grid-NonGrid Mismatch in MUD Grinder.
  • From the command line, it is possible to alter the exits of individual grid rooms or link to individual grid rooms. Notice the grid room number will be something like MyArea#15#(2,3) on a 5 x 5 grid room. You may issue a command to LINK MyArea#45 WEST to override the normal exit. Similarly, you could go to room MyArea#45 and LINK MyArea$15#(2,3) EAST to create an entry inside the grid room.

Special Room Designs

Bridge Rooms

When designing a room (Room#A) that goes over another room (Room#B), that a player cannot easily travel DOWN to (no path) but should be able to jump off a ledge to get down:

  • Make sure there is no DOWN exit in Room#A (DESTROY DOWN)
  • Create a new room below (CREATE ROOM DOWN OVERTHELEDGE) which we will call Room#C.
  • Modify Room#C and provide it with a title, description and Prop_ReqNoMob (so your mobs won't randomly jump to their deaths).
    • NOTE: If doing this via the command line, you might want to make sure you are flying before entering Room#C.
  • Link Room#C to Room#B below (LINK Room#B DOWN).
  • Make sure Room#B links UP to Room#A (this will allow players with a jumping ability to potentially reach Room#A).
    • If Room#B already has a defined UP exit, you may need to DESTROY UP, and then LINK Room#A UP.

Recall Rooms

Rooms which have alot of player traffic from various player levels (such as recall rooms) should probably have the following properties to avoid non-PK abuse:

  • Prop_RestrictSpells(Spell_Silence)

Special Atmosphere Rooms

In the command line, you can change the atmosphere of a room with the command MODIFY ROOM ATMOSPHERE <atmosphere type>.

Restricted Rooms

Rooms which are not intended to be explored (Admin rooms, rooms with special inventory, etc) should have the following properties on them to restrict entry and desirability to enter:

  • prop_noteleport
  • prop_reqentry(-PLAYER +SUBOP NOSNEAK)
  • prop_roomunmappable(NOEXPLORE)
  • prop_restrictspells(spell_wish;spell_limitedwish)

Player- or Clan-Owned Property

There are many options to creating player-ownable or clan-ownable property. See the Player Owned Rooms page for information on setting up purchasable property.

Trainer or Guildmaster Rooms

Rooms where players may train up their abilities, change classes or practice skills may require some additional adjustments to prevent undesirable results.

  • prop_peacemaker to avoid inadvertent attacks from the trainer or hostile players from preying upon players trying to gain new abilities.
  • prop_restrictspells for abilities that are a nuisance to players, such as Chant_CharmArea or Song_PirateShanty.


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