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Proficiency determines how often an ability will succeed when used. Your starting proficiency depends on how you gained the ability:

  • Abilities gained through a race's cultural abilities will start at the predetermined value by that race, assuming you are that race when you gain the level that the race qualifies for that ability.
  • Abilities autogained through leveling in a class will start at 25%.
  • Abilities TRAINed or bought through a shopkeeper will start at a value based on your intelligence, the teacher's intelligence, the teacher's proficiency, and the skill's level that you qualify for it (qlvl).

Success Checks

Proficiency often determines the raw chance of using an ability, but may be affected by positive and negative modifiers. The maximum proficiency is 100%.

There is always a 5% chance of success regardless of how low your modified proficiency is.

Similarly, there is always a 5% chance of failure regardless of how high your modified proficiency is. However LEVEL-flag expertises also provide a 1% skill-check bonus to proficiency per expertise rank and a skill with 100% proficiency that is affected by a LEVEL-flag expertise will have the 5% auto-fail chance reduced by 1 point per expertise rank.

Gaining Proficiency

Normal skill use will allow a character to gain proficiency periodically. This can happen on a successful skill use, or a failed skill use. The player's Intelligence (limited by MaxInt) determines how often they may gain a proficiency point, as well as determines the likelihood of gaining a proficiency point.

Player may also spend a Practice Point and PRACTICE a skill with another MOB that has that ability at a higher proficiency than the player. This may only be used to increase the ability up to the trainer's proficiency, or 75%, whichever is lower. As with training an ability, your intelligence, the teacher's intelligence and the teacher's proficiency affect how much your proficiency will increase with this method.

The Lecturing ability can increase a skill by up to 5% for participating in a lecture.

Proficiency when Training

Skill Level Student Int Teacher Int Teacher Prof Student Prof
unk 16 unk 100 46
unk 19 unk 100 50

Proficiency per Practice Point

Skill Level Student Int Teacher Int Teacher Prof Increase
1 19 25 100 26
1 23 25 100 29

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