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Containers hold items. Containers that are held, like bags, or are intended to sit in a room, like bookshelves and chests, should be listed in this category. Sometimes armors that are worn in other locations, like backpacks and belts, can contain items as well, but those should be listed as armors. Drinks, while often encased in a container, are generally listed under the Consumables section.


The capacity value of a container is the maximum weight of the container plus all of the contents of a container.

Extra-Dimensional Containers

Certain containers allow players near-unlimited capacity for storage without the added encumbrance of the associated storage. These containers make use of extra-dimensional pockets, such as a Bag of Holding or a Portable Hole. Placing one of these items into another extra-dimensional container will result in a spectacular destruction of both extra-dimensional spaces and all items stored in them. Take great care when using these powerful items.

Mailing Containers

The Postal Unions of CoffeeMUD (PUC) are cracking down on postal abuse. Therefore, no items inside containers can be mailed (containers must be empty when shipped through the post office system).

Adding Container Entries to the Wiki

This page is for listing all containers in CoffeeMUD. There are several guidelines for placing items on the wiki:

  • Omit any leading articles for describing the item, such as "A", "AN" or "THE". This will help facilitate searches so that not all items end up in the A or T indexes.
  • Please do not list the MOB or ROOM where the item can be found. Listing the AREA is fine, so that players can explore areas for themselves to find the items.
  • Similarly, for learning recipes, only provide the skill type and the resultant level.
  • For all items that fit the container category, use the Container Template to create the item.
    • There are instructions on how to use the template within the body of the template. Do not modify the template itself.
    • Add this category to the bottom of the page, as well as a CONTAINER(Level#) category for future categorization pages.