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*The [[Crafting(CoffeeMUD)|Crafting section]] has more information on general crafting concepts.
*The [[Crafting(CoffeeMUD)|Crafting section]] has more information on general crafting concepts.
*Staffs made with carpentry cannot be imbued with magical spells.

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Domain: Crafting
Available: Abjurer(3) Alterer(3) Arcanist(3) Artisan(4) Assassin(3) Barbarian(3) Bard(3) Beastmaster(3) Burglar(3) Charlatan(3) Cleric(3) Conjurer(3) Delver(3) Diviner(3) Doomsayer(3) Druid(3) Enchanter(3) Evoker(3) Fighter(3) Gaian(3) Gaoler(6) Healer(3) Illusionist(3) Jester(3) Mage(3) Mer(3) Minstrel(3) Missionary(3) Monk(3) Necromancer(3) Oracle(3) Paladin(3) Pirate (3) Dancer(3) Purist(3) Ranger(3) Sailor (2) Shaman(3) SkyWatcher(3) Templar(3) Thief(3) Transmuter(3) Trapper(1)
Allows: Counterbalance Crafting Construction Quality Crafting Torturesmithing Quick Worker Durable Crafting Wainwrighting Light Crafting Fletching Siegecraft Lethal Crafting Ship Building
UseCost: Movement (5)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: carve small table

carve bundle 100 maple

carve list

carve list table

carve list all

carve mend club

carve refit club

carve scan

carve scan bob

carve learn club

Description: This skill allows a player to craft wooden items, such as chairs and wooden shields. The extent of the items which can be crafted expands as the player goes up in level. This command also allows the player to repair any damaged wooden weapons or armor, get info on a list item, refit any armor which may be the wrong size, or learn to how to carve a found item, provided a blank recipe page, or recipe book with blank pages is in his or her inventory. To begin carving a new item, the player must have placed the wood he or she wishes to make the item from on the ground. The player may also scan the room or other players for equipment that may be mended by this skill, using the scan parameter. Items crafted with balsa can be done with half the required wood listed, while items crafted with ironwood will require twice the required wood listed. The raw wood for carpentry can be obtained using the Chopping skill. Using better materials may increase both the strength and the required level of the crafted item.


CARPENTRY LIST will display all available carpentry recipes a specific character can make.

Wood Types

Wood Type Value per Pound Level Modifier Notes
Wood 2 0
Willow 12 -2
Balsa 1 -1 Only requires half as much wood per project
Yew 15 +2
Bamboo 15 +1
Ironwood 25 +1 Requires twice as much wood per project
  • Woods that modify the level of armor, will also increase the armor value by 1 point per level.
  • Woods that modify the level of a weapon will increase base damage by 1 points per level, and increase attack by 5 points per level.


  • The Crafting section has more information on general crafting concepts.
  • Staffs made with carpentry cannot be imbued with magical spells.