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=CoffeeMUD Administrator Information=
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CoffeeMud Version

Released on Aug 22, 2003 12:32 pm

  1. Geas spell is done.
  2. The .cmare format for inter-area links changed ever so slightly. If you want to reimport the stock area files, you'll need to download them again.
  3. New Scriptable commands (forget their names -- have to do with iterating)
  4. * and have been moved to the common folder. This means you must blow away your old "com" directory when installing this new build.
  5. Default mud port changed to 5555 from 4444 -- note this in your MUD clients! (4444 will still work, it just makes a bad default port since it is shared with a virus)
  6. Parolees can no longer leave the area in which they were parolled to.
  7. REPORT expanded to include skills
  8. For those wishing to use JNT, "defaultShutdown()" method created in
  9. New debug info related to "tick" status (internal).
  10. RandomMonsters has a new LOCALE TYPE parameter (optional)
  11. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of bug fixes.