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=CoffeeMUD Administrator Information=
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CoffeeMud Version

Released on Jul 25, 2003 4:18 pm

  1. Redefinable ESCAPE codes created. See the new INI file.
  2. Items held and wielded may now be dropped or given, if specified by name (not included in ALL, etc)
  3. MSP Sound support, including SOUNDS/NOSOUNDS commands to turn them on/off.
  4. New Jester skills created. Jester class complete.
  5. Item interface (internal) remove() changed to unWear(), destroyThis() changed to destroy()
  6. MOB interface (internal) removeFromGame() and giveItem() added.
  7. Material bonuses will now be weighted based on worn location for Armorsmith. Material bonuses updated for all common skills that use them.
  8. Features list updated.
  9. SOUNDSPATH INI file entry added to support MSP download feature.
  10. Light Source durations extended.
  11. Instrument Making common skill created.
  12. AUTOIMPROVE command created.
  13. WebMacro support for HELP files created. See default public page and default admin pages for exampled.
  14. Resource Manager WebMacro created. See MUDGrinder.
  15. Player Browser WebMacros created. WARNING! Loading players, especially Archon's, can be SLOW! See the MUDGRinder.
  16. Banned List management WebMacros created. See MUDGrinder.
  17. WebMacros may now be embedded in each other. I'll update the Web Server doc eventually, but in short, it's done like this: @WebMacro?@@WebMacro2?@@@WebMacro3@@@ @@ @
  18. System Reports WebMacro created, along with Ticks reports. See the MUDGrinder!!
  19. Log file WebMacro created -- see default admin page.
  20. KNOCK command created
  21. Can now fish from any room with FISH as a resource.
  22. GateGard will now open doors to knocking. Also, ALLNIGHT and KEEPLOCKED parameters created to affect gategard behavior.
  23. Journal Browser WebMacros HALF done -- see the MUDGrinder for progress.
  24. Builder's FAQ just rolled into the Archon's Guide
  25. And last, but not least: Numerous and assorted bugs, all reported by this group, were fixed.