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CoffeeMud Version

Released on Jul 18, 2003 4:40 pm

  1. Web server now supports post, thanks to Jeremy.
  2. StdMaps (and GenMaps, and thus, Map Making) all support "sections" in the maps.
  3. MAJOR internal change to Environmental interface. Name() counterpart to name() created to reflect an unmodified name(). New methods support Disguise and other preexisting skills.
  4. Charlatan bard subclass created, along with Disguise, False Arrest, and lots of other fun skills.
  5. Internal changes to CharStats and Race interfaces to mask their names as well, using new method displayClassName
  6. Drunken language created, and appropriate spells/songs/poisons updated.
  7. Last call added to AUCTION, time shortened, and listing bug fixed.
  8. PuddleMaker behavior created.
  9. Scriptable: TIME_PROG, DAY_PROG created. ISTIME, ISDAY functions created.
  10. EnlargeRoom may now be applied to areas.
  11. Bug fixed in Traps, so that players cannot trap each other without playerkill flags
  12. Some new Druid chants created... control weather, tap grapevine, and others.
  13. Lasso's and Nets created (StdLasso, StdNet)!
  14. Weaving common skill created for lassos, ropes, and nets, etc..
  15. Oracle subclass updated for post level-30 skill bonuses (oversight...)
  16. MAJOR Internal change: ID() field will now ALWAYS return the class name of the object, even for Rooms and MOBS. roomID() field created for rooms, and Name() already supported MOBS.
  17. New spell (Shove) and barbarian skill (bullrush) created.
  18. Bard 30th level skill (Ode) created. Very fun. :)
  19. Armorsmith and similar skills updated so that armor awards reflect locations.
  20. Numerous common skills updated to better reflect material strengths and weights.
  21. Prancer Bard subclass created, along with his numerous Dances.
  22. Exp base award raised from 60 to 100. ANY COMMENTS on this??? Should it be in the INI file?
  23. Jester bard subclass started (about 95% there), with numerous new skills: joke, slapstick, pupeteer, lay minor traps, and many others...