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=CoffeeMUD Administrator Information=
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CoffeeMud Version

Released on Mar 25, 2003 4:40 pm

  1. Fixed some bugs in the new LADDER Rideable type.
  2. New THROW command to get ladder-types (ropes, etc) into pits to help comrads. The THROW command can also be used with THROWN weapons, as well as grenades at some point in the future.
  3. Ability to AUTODRAW the second weapon if you have Two Weapon Fighting
  4. Created MAXSTAT INI entry to allow more easily changing the starting state distribution for players.
  5. Created SKYSIZE INI entry to allow more easily changing the default dimension of EndlessSkys
  6. INI File entries ITEMS, MOBS, BEHAVIORS, ABILITIES, etc.. now REQUIRED! You should default them all to %DEFAULT%. See the coffeemud.ini file in the distribution for more information on this.
  7. Recursive bug fixed in sky creation that was filling up the stack whenever someone tried to load 14,000 rooms. :)
  8. FAKEDB ResultSet updated to implement getRow, beforeFirst, and last methods. Now functional!
  9. Bugs fixed in Swipe, Steal. Also, profficiency leak plugged in Swipe, Steal, Bribe.
  10. Entire WORLD can now be exported/imported as a .CMARE file.
  11. Unique World/Area/Room WEAPONS, ITEMS, ARMOR, MOBS can now be exported as a .CMARE file. They cannot be imported yet, however. Still trying to figure out how that is going to work.
  12. Feather Fall spell now traps attempts to pick up more than you can carry. This is the world's oldest CoffeeMud bug, kept in because of extreme popularity with players.
  13. Against my better judgement, Remove Curse now actually removes non-droppability and non-removability from items.
  14. Spell lists updated for the Import of ROM/CircleMUD/etc area files.
  15. RoomForSale will now update room MOBs on shutdown of system, provided the MOB is 1. not rejuvinating, and 2. has the room as a starting room.
  16. Prop_Retainable property added to make MOBs 1. not rejuvinating, 2. to make their current room the starting room, and 3. Cost more/less when purchased by shopkeepers. Recommend this be applied to MOBs sold by shopkeepers.
  17. Profficiency leak plugged in detect/remove traps.
  18. Bug fixed in grantAbilities of Mage class.
  19. LOTS more done on the Scriptable Behavior. Still havn't had a chance to test/debug it, but presumably it is done now (or, at least hacked).
  20. MUDGrinder's ability to properly identify mobs and items being edited has been greatly enhanced, thereby also enhancing it's general reliability.