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=CoffeeMUD Administrator Information=
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CoffeeMud Version

Released on Mar 19, 2003 3:54 pm

  1. *LOTS OF NEW DATABASE CHANGES!!! BEWARE* IP address, clan name, and clan role to players, ride entry for mobs
  2. Big additions to DoorwayGuardian, HaveZapper, WearZapper, and all Aggressive behaviors: classes, races, gender, levels, and lots more can now be masked.
  3. MOBTeacher expanded to allow teaching of multi-class skills
  4. Prop_ReqEntry property replaces Prop_ReqClasses, Prop_ReqAlign, Prop_ReqRaces, Prop_ReqLevels, etc..
  5. Optimization: milli-longs now used instead of Calendars
  6. Optimization: compression of MOB miscText field to save memory
  7. DoorwayGuardians now guard more than just Doors...
  8. Help System for Spells, Skills, Songs, Chants, Prayers improved GREATLY -- now resembles the web sites more.
  9. New GoodyBag item contains a pill for almost anything an Archon may want to give a Player. Each item will replace itself once removed.
  10. New BOOT command to kick someone out of the game.
  11. New BAN command to ban user names and ip address. LIST BANNED and DESTROY BANNED also supported.
  12. Bug fixes, spelling corrections, blah blah blah..
  13. Some additions to the ORDER command to support clans.
  14. Optomization: Commands classes made static
  15. A few new fighter skills to support ranged weapons.
  16. A few new spells to make hungry and thirsty mages/archons happy.
  17. Also, fun new spell: Animate Weapon
  18. New Common Skill: Shipwright
  19. New Common Skill: Speculate
  20. Wake now accepts a mob parameter
  21. AUTOGUARD command/flag to say whether you follow your group members -- intended more for mob followers.
  22. New Common Skill: Paper Maker (makes blank scrolls too!)
  23. Common Skills now support sheaths: Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor
  24. Common Skills now make specific item containers (like piggy banks that only hold coins, etc)
  25. Tents, Sleeping bags added to Tailor
  26. New Rideable type (LADDER) added to assist those with these items in going up climable surfaces.