Bloodstone RPI

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Bloodstone RPI

A new mud that is currently under development using CoffeeMud as the code base. It is going to be a fantasy based rp enforced mud set in a dessert city called Bannock. The plan is to make the game both class and level free, which from the documentation seems to be a relatively new direction to take CoffeeMUD. This page will focus mainly on the coding changes that are planned and updated as they go in. Assuming all goes well I may offer some explanation of the way I made each change.

Any questions, comments, concerns, hints, tips, tricks, ect... about modifying the CoffeeMUD environment should be directed to

Current Progress

Currently I am working on setting up MySQL on the linux server that we are using in order to replace the fakedb that comes with CoffeeMUD.

Am also currently working on putting in the short descriptions. Have added new attributes to the default player stats, but am still trying to figure out where the look command actually pulls the attributes from.

Rough Release Feature Timeline


  • Player short/long description
    • Set player short/long desc in character creation
    • make command to set player short/long for staff to use
  • Player look description
  • Unhyperlink says - done through turning off MXP
  • remove classes/levels - done through configuration of coffemud.ini
  • edit playable races
  • edit who list output - done through changing who list command
  • Either remove or embed image links for objects - done through turning off MXP in configuration


  • RPP
  • Stat Review and Restructuring
    • Character Generation
    • Edit score
  • Turn-based Combat
  • Crafting
  • Magic