Black Marble Ring(Chapel)

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===Black Marble Ring===
Wear Locations: Finger or Held
Weight: 2 Item Level: 20
Base Protection: 0 Material: Marble
Wear Layer: Multiwear (Y/N)?:
Storage Capacity: Item Types
Base Value: 26 Area: Chapel
Is Magical (Y/N)?: Y Magic Level:
Is Invisible (Y/N)? N Is Hidden (Y/N)?: N
Is Glowing (Y/N)?: N Is a Light Source (Y/N)?: N
Other Affects: Wearing restricted as follows: Disallows evil.

Affects on the wearer: move+100

Is Crafting Learnable (Y/N)?: N Crafting Skill/Level: N/A


It is pitch black and has beautiful swirls characteristic of marble all through it.

Might be a good item to dress followers with, eh? --Hernadon