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Welcome to the CoffeeMUD Wiki Introduction!

Real short and sweet, a wiki is a web site that allows anyone to edit the content of the pages or add new ones. When you're browsing the CoffeeMUD Wiki, you'll see near the top both the Name of the page, as well a few links, such as Edit, Discussion, and Show Options.

  • If you want to make a change to a page you're reading (such as adding some relevant content or fixing a typo), just click Edit.
  • If you'd like to use the built-in message system to discuss a page (such as to say things like "Wow, thanks for writing up this guide, it makes my world so much better!"), just click on Discussion.
  • Show Options allows a person to browse through the history of a page and a few other options.

Let's look at an example of adding a new page: On our Building page, we have a list of articles. Say you wanted to add a Practical Minutea article to the list. Unlike most web sites, you don't have to create the page first to link to it. Here's the steps to getting it started:

  • Edit the building page.
  • Write your article title and some descriptive text (see the Building page for examples) as a new item in one of the relevant lists.
  • Then, select your Article title and click on the "Insert/Edit Link" in the tool bar (if you're using the plain text editor, you're already a wiki superhero. you'll figure it out).
  • A popup will open, allowing you to edit your link. The space name is 'coffeemud'. For a page name, you'll want something Short & Descriptive. Some examples are:
  • Go ahead and save the page, preferably with a comment about which article you added for easy historical version browsing.

When you get back to the page, your link should be showing, but colored red, like This Link. Click on your link. You'll end up at a page that reads:

This page does not yet have any content

When you use the 'edit your page' link on your new page and save your changes, a whole new page has been created.

That's all you really need to know to get started! Please also take a look at our guildlines before you wield the pen of power!