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This page is for listing all weapons in CoffeeMUD. A weapon is equipped in the WIELD position, and normally improves the amount of damage you do in combat.

  • Weapons normally require only one hand to use, but larger weapons require two hands (your WIELD and HELD equipment positions). Some skills allow characters to also use additional weapons equipped in the HELD position (such as two-weapon fighting).
    • If you lose a hand in combat (regardless of which one), you will lose your HELD wear location (or one HELD location, if you have more than 2 hands) and be unable to wield 2 handed weapons. If you lose all hands, you will be unable to WIELD any weapons.
  • Weapons have varying weapon classifications (Weapon Types), and varying damage types.


Ranged weapons require ammunition in order to use the weapon. The ammunition must be LOADed into the weapon. And while it may be confusing, some weapons share the name with some ammunitions, but ammunitions normally come in a cluster, pack, or other unit of quantity. For example, a Javelin can be a thrown weapon, but a Pack of 5 Javelins are ammunition for an Atlatl. One cannot remove one of the ammunition Javelins and use it as a weapon...it is only an ammunition.

Ammunition Type Sample Weapons
Arrow Bow, Long Bow, Short Bow
Bolt Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow
Bullets Slings, Staff Slings, Hopaks
Darts Blowguns, Hand Crossbows
Javelins Atlatl, Spear Launchers

GenWeapon Fields

Attack Adjustment


Material Type

Weapon Attack Type

ID Damage Type Example Weapons Notes
0 Natural Claws, Teeth, Fingernails Weapons that do natural damage *might* allow unarmed combat skills to function. Natural weapons are immune to Weapon Break.
1 Slashing Swords, knives, Axes
2 Piercing Darts, Arrows, Spears
3 Bashing Fists, Clubs, Hammers, Staffs
4 Burning Fire Burning weapons tend to do more damage to cloth and leather armors.
5 Bursting Magic, Explosions This is the damage type for magic-based attacks and spells.
6 Shooting Guns This is the damage type for projectiles, such as bullets.
Frosting Cold spells
Gassing Gas, Stinking Cloud
Melting Acid
Striking Electricity, Lightning Bolt
  • Natural weapons do not function well when dropped, and should probably be bound to the character to avoid players from attaining another monster's natural weapon and thinking they may wield it as if they were the monster they killed. For example, if you create a racial weapon of STINGER for a bee, you can customize the damage it does (messages and so forth) for that race...but if a player cuts off that stinger (kills the monster and the monster "drops" it), the player will try swinging around the stinger trying to poison others with it (but they lack the poison glands, and, really, the finesse to use it properly). Therefore, you would classify the bee's stinger as a natural weapon, of which the bee would naturally attack with it, but bind it to the bee so players don't go around trying to kill with it. Only use natural weapons in racial entries, not as an inventory weapon. If you want to be really cute, you could spawn a piercing weapon (stinger) on death of the mob via scriptable.

Weapon Classification

Weapon Classification Sample weapons General Combat Notes Notes
Axe Hatchet, Axe, Woodcutter's Axe, Bipenis Axe, Battle Axe, Dwarven Axe Basic Damage, Basic Attack
  • Staff
Club, Sai, Brass Knuckles, Cudgel, Sap, Staff
  • Staff, Jo Staff, Bo Staff
Below Average Damage, Fair Attack
  • A Staff is a subtype of Blunt weapons. Some staffs (or staves) contain magical spells/prayers that can be activated with the wands skill.
  • Dagger
Sickle, Scissors, Dagger, Knife, Katar
  • Knife, Dagger, Stiletto, Main Gauche, Cat Claws
Weak Damage, Good Attack
  • Very Weak Damage, Very Good Attack
Includes all DAGGER type weapons
  • Whips
Flail, Ball-and-Chain, Nun-chaku, Whip, Cat-o-Nine-Tails
  • Whips, Cat-o-Nine-Tails, Scourge
Good Damage, Weak Attack
  • Good Damage, Weak Attack
  • Whips are leather flails. A metal or wooden flail called a whip may not work for all whip-related abilities.
Hammer Hammer, Maul, Mallet Basic Damage, Basic Attack
Karate Teeth, Fingernails, Tails, Knees, Elbows Basic Damage, Basic Attack Karate weapons are the built-in attacks that are provided by the race.
Polearm Spear, Glaive, Halbard, Pike Differs by weapon type, but often Very Good Damage and Weak Attack These weapons often have a reach of 1, but sometimes also have a minimum range of 1.
  • Thrown
  • Bow
  • Sling
Bow, Crossbow, Sling
  • Throwing knives, Shuriken, Javelins, Darts
  • Bows include long bows, short bows, and Crossbows
  • Slings include slings and atlatls
Ranged weapons often do Very Weak Damage and Basic Attack, with increased range
  • Thrown weapons do Good Damage and Basic Attack
  • Bow weapons do Very Weak Damage and Basic Attack
  • Sling weapons do Very Weak Damage and Basic Attack
These weapons require ammunition to use, and often have superior ranges. Some ranged weapons also have a minimum range.
  • Thrown weapons are a subtype of ranged weapons, but thrown weapons do not require ammunition (you throw the weapon you are using).
  • Bows generally require arrows or bolts as ammunition.
  • Slings require stones or bullets as ammunition. Atlatls require javelins as ammunition (not the javelin weapon, a specific ammo for altatls).
Sword Long Sword, Short Sword, Gladius, Katana, Great Sword, Flamberge Basic Damage, Basic Attack

For damage and attack comparisions: Very Good > Good > Fair > Basic > Below Average > Weak > Very Weak

Weapon Notes

  • Thrown weapons will be hurled at the enemy without advancing at them, if they are within range. After throwing the weapon, you will need to equip another weapon (especially if you wish to throw another weapon at your enemy).
  • Ranged weapons are not expended when you attack an enemy, but often require ammunition. A ranged weapon will have an ammunition capacity, after which, it must be reloaded. It will attempt to automatically reload for the first available ammunition in your inventory. To simulate the difference in loading time between bows and crossbows, allow bows a much larger ammo capacity.
  • Karate classification weapons are only intended for inherent racial weaponry attacks. Do not create wieldable karate weapons.

Minimum/Maximum Ranges

This is set as two numbers separated by a "/", with the first number being the minimum range, and the second being a maximum range.

Melee range is defined as range 0, with range increment "x" being roughly equal to a distance of 5^x. Melee weapons would be range 0. Polearms that can be used in melee or at reach would be 0/1, polearms that can only be used at reach (like a pike) would be range 1 or perhaps range 1/2 for a very large pike. Thrown weapons would generally be range 0/2 or 0/3. Short bows 1/4. Longbows 1/5. etc.

A room generally has a maximum range equal to the movement points required to move through the room, with most indoor rooms having a limit of around 3, and outdoor rooms 5-10, varying.

Ammo Required

This field has three parts:

  • The first part is a Boolean of whether the item uses ammunition at all. If FALSE (most melee weapons are false, except perhaps a Vibro-knife).
  • The second part is the ammunition name. This should be indicative of the type of ammo required for that weapon, and should be generic for all weapons that use that type of ammo. For example, Bows use "arrow", crossbows use "bolt", ballistas use "ballista-bolts", vibro-knives use "megavolts", etc. When generating GenAmmo, specify this value for your GenAmmo.
  • The third part is the maximum quantity of ammunition that can be stored in the weapon at a time before requiring a reload.



Magical Ability

Secret Identity


Is Gettable

Is Droppable

Is Removable


Blended Display

Is Two-Handed

GenAmmunition Fields

Special GenWeapons