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Wands are held items that can activate an ability when spoken to. Wands require an appropriate ability to activate the wand. Wands include various nomenclature of items including:

  • Wands - normally a spell-based apparatus
  • Relics- normally a prayer-based apparatus
  • Shards- normally a chant-based apparatus
  • Others- including cubes, orbs, and other magical devices, but excluding magical musical instruments.


GenWand is the item type with special controls to enable an ability stored in the item to be cast at a specified target using a SAY command in conjunction with the appropriate ability type.

Modifying a GenWand

  • Name: This is the short name of the wand. This is used whenever the wand is targetted, or viewed in the EQUIPMENT command.
  • Display: This is the long display of the name, which appears when the wand is viewed as part of inventory or room view.
  • Description: A long description displayed when the item is looked at.
  • Level: The wand's effective caster level. Determines what level players may pick up and/or use the item as well.
  • Secret Identity: This field is primarily used in crafting. Leave blank for most GenWands.
  • Material Type: This can be any material type. It does not support sub-types.
  • Item states: These toggleable parameters determine basic item parameters
    • Is Gettable: True indicates the item may be picked up, False means it cannot be picked up (including by archons).
    • Is Droppable: True indicates the item may be dropped or sold.
    • Is Removable: True means the item may be removed from a wear location. GenResources are not generally worn, but this does affect the HELD location, and can be transferred to items crafted from this material. Remove Curse temporarily sets this to TRUE.
    • Non-Locatable: True indicates the item cannot be found using abilities that would normally detect its presence.
    • Blend Display: True indicates that the item's display is blended into the room description. FALSE is default, with the item being displayed in the section list with other items.
  • Assigned Spell Name: This is the ability stored within the wand, and will be cast upon the specified target when activated.
    • Despite the field name, this can be any ability, it does not have to be a spell.
      • Songs do not work well in wands due to mechanics of this ability type (must be cast continuously). Use GenMagicInstrument instead.
  • Rejuv/Pct: When in a room, this is the number of ticks before the item respawns after it has been removed from the room. In a mob's inventory, this is the percentage chance of it NOT appearing in the MOB's inventory upon mob spawning.
  • Magical Ability: This is a bonus modifier that affects the materials hardness, damage and attack modifiers for weapons made from this material, and armor modifiers for armor made of this material. If this value is not 0, then the builder should also set the isMagical disposition (below), indicating the magical nature of this resource.
  • Uses Remaining: This determines how many times the wand may be used before it is depleted.
  • Maximum Uses: This field determines the maximum number of uses that can be held at one time/recharged into the wand.
  • Enchant Type: This field is used to determine what ability is required to activate the wand
  • Base Value: This is the base cost of the wand.
  • Weight: This is the weight of the wand.
  • Dispositions: This list of special modifiers determines the state of the resource.
    • Is invisible: True indicates that the item is invisible (magically concealed).
    • Is hidden: True indicates that the item is hidden (mundanely concealed).
    • Is never seen: True indicates that the item is programmatically concealed and undetectable/unusable by players.
    • Is magical: True indicates that the resource gives off a magical aura.
    • Is glowing: Indicates that the item can be seen in the dark and is a heat source. Many materials will burn up after a time of glowing/burning.
    • Is a light source: Indicates that the item provides enough light to light up a room.
    • Is flying: Indicates that the item is not attached to the floor. A flying item will not fall or sink on its own.
    • Is climbing: Indicates that the item is in transition of climbing (perhaps on the side of a tree or mountain?)
    • Is sleeping: I have no idea how to tell if a resource is sleeping, or what this would imply.
    • Is sitting: I have no idea how to tell if a resource is sitting, or what this would imply.
    • Is sneaking: The item does not make an announcement when it enters a room.
    • Is swimming: This disposition may be used to prevent an item from sinking.
    • Evil aura: True indicates that the wand gives off an evil aura.
    • Good aura: True indicates that the wand gives off a good aura.
    • Is unattackable: True indicates the item is not susceptible to attack.
  • Behaviors: This is a field of standard Behaviors.
  • Effects: This is a field of standard properties/ability effects.
  • MXP Image filename: This field is the file path to the MXP Image for this item.

Activation Word

The activation word is autogenerated for each wand. You must use Identify Object, Lore or some other ability to determine the activation word of a wand.