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Domain: Crafting
Available: Abjurer(10) Alterer(10) Arcanist(10) Artisan(1) Assassin(10) Barbarian(10) Bard(10) Beastmaster(10) Burglar(10) Cavalier(10) Charlatan(10) Cleric(10) Conjurer(10) Delver(10) Diviner(10) Doomsayer(10) Druid(10) Enchanter(10) Evoker(10) Fighter(10) Gaian(10) Healer(10) Illusionist(10) Jester(10) Mage(10) Mer(10) Minstrel(10) Missionary(10) Monk(10) Necromancer(10) Ninja(10) Oracle(10) Paladin(10) Pirate(10) Dancer(10) Purist(10) Ranger(10) Reliquist(10) Scholar(10) Shaman(10) SkyWatcher(10) Templar(10) Thief(10) Transmuter(10) Trapper(1) Wizard(10)
Allows: Rushed Crafting Quality Fabricating Caravan Building Quick Worker Advanced Crafting Quick Crafting Light Fabricating Boatwrighting
UseCost: Movement (35)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: wainwright wagon

wainwright list wainwright list wagon wainwright list 5-10 wainwright list all wainwright learn cart

Description: This skill allows a player to craft wagons and carts. The extent of the items which can be crafted expands as the player goes up in level. To begin carving a new item, the player must have placed the wood he or she wishes to make the item from on the ground. The player may also learn to how to make a found cart, provided a blank recipe page, or recipe book with blank pages is in his or her inventory. Items crafted with balsa can be done with half the required wood listed, while items crafted with ironwood will require twice the required wood listed. The raw wood for building is found using the Chopping skill.


WAINWRIGHT LIST will display all available instrument making recipes a specific character can make.


Every recipe has some slight variance on the end result, although this may not be apparent from the description and the WAINWRIGHT LIST command.

  • Travois, sleds, hand wagons, dog sleds, wheel barrows, tobaggons and baby carriages have more restrictive terrain requirements than other carts/wagons.
  • The term CART normally means a maximum capacity of 2 riders.
  • The term WAGON normally means it can carry 2 or more riders.
  • COACHES can carry a light amount of cargo, and have an enclosed storage capacity. (USE OPEN COACH to load cargo).
  • COVERED WAGONS also have an enclosed storage capacity.
  • CHARIOTS grant one additional attack per round to all riders.
    • WAR CHARIOTS also grant some bonus armor to all riders.
  • The term SPRUNG means that it has springs, making it more comfortable to ride. In contrast, UNSPRUNG means the cart is only used for cargo, with no riding capacity.
  • FOOD CARTS and CHUCK WAGONS work as ice boxes, keeping their food from spoiling.
  • LANTERN WAGONS serve as a light source.
  • TROLLEYs can carry very large loads.
  • PORTABLE FORGE is just that...it is a forge that you can MOUNT HORSE and have them haul it around without getting burned. It also can be used as a portable oven.
  • SIEGE TOWER grants all riders (up to 16!) the MOUNTED COMBAT ability, so you can fight without penalty from the tower.
  • FUR-LINED SLEIGH grants the Protection from Cold prayer affect.
  • PORTABLE AQUARIUM grants Land Lungs to the inhabitants of the aquarium...allowing you to transport water-breathing creatures across land.
  • SIGNAL TOWER grants the ability to use Smoke Signals.
    • You still need a fire to use this ability, and while the tower will burn for a long time, you might not want to burn it down.
  • PORTABLE TOWER will grant Regional Awareness affect to the rider.
  • PRAIRIE SCHOONER is a very large wagon that will persist in the world even if left unattended. It has a lock, too!

The Crafting section has more information on general crafting concepts.