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Examples: wear shirt

wear shirt on torso

Description: This command will attempt to place the specified item onto the proper location on your body. If a location is specified, the player will attempt to wear the item on that location. If you have a special outfit container, it can be the target of this command also.


  • WEAR ALL will attempt to put on EACH item in your inventory in an appropriate wear location. This may not work as you intend, often ending up holding your gold.
    • WEAR GOLD is a safer way of storing your money, since thieves can't SWIPE from a wear location. They may be able to SLIPITEM or STRIPITEM though.
    • Since most rings are multi-wear, you may need to use the WEAR "OPAL RING" ON "RIGHT FINGER" to get a second ring equipped to receive bonuses.
    • If you are holding an item and attempt to WEAR or WIELD a two-handed item, the action will fail. Remove the held item first.
  • Some items are multi-wear, meaning you may wear multiples of them on one location.
  • Items have a layer stat, which determines if you can put one item on over top of another item. The default layer is 0. Underwear often have a negative layer number. If there an item is more than 1 layer difference, you may wear it on top of your existing clothing (IE, you can wear a layer 0 and a layer 2 item, but not a layer 0 and a layer 1 item).
    • LAYER level does not matter for HELD or WIELDED items.
  • If you are wearing more than one item on a single location, only the outermost layer (or last item put on) will provide protection and bonuses.
  • Some items are see-through, meaning you can see other items worn on lower level layers.