Tzbrakas Training Academy

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===Tzbrakas Training Academy===
Description: The giant, Tzbraka, established this academy for both Mud School graduates and Mud School drop-outs to acquire a real-world experience.
Author: Currency: Alramian
Rooms: 151 Population: 106
LevelRange: 1-6 MedianLevel: 3
AvgAlign: pure neutral MedAlignment: pure neutral
Recommendation: Recommended for level 1-5 characters who have completed Mud School or desire a slightly different introductory experience.
A color graphic of the different zones in the Tzbraka Arena.
Tzbrakas Arena.

Useful Items





Talk to the Adept of Uurdin

Connected Areas

Mrs Pippet can transport you to the following cities, resetting your recall to your new home. Just say HELP, and she will guide you through your options:




  • You may gather resources in the Arena, and do some crafting there.
    • The Western wall (tan) has wood which may be chopped.
    • The Eastern wall (brown) has iron which may be mined.
    • The Northern wall (green) has various food and cotton crops which may be foraged.
    • The Southern wall (pale green) has stone which can be gathered with mining or gem digging.
    • The inner ring has a variety of resouces:
      • The northwest room (blue) is a pond which may be fished, used to gather water, or bathe.
      • The north central room (dark green) has clay which can be dug with gem digging.
      • The northwest and west central rooms (yellow) has sand which can be gathered with gem digging.
      • The southwest central room (grey) has crystal which can be gathered with gem digging, and has an oven/forge for cooking and metalworking.
      • The south, southeast and east central (blue-green) rooms have fruit and apple trees which can be foraged for food or chopped for wood.
      • The center room (green) has herbs and flowers which can be gathered with foraging.