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==CoffeeMUD Classes==
Bard        Cleric        Commoner        Druid        Fighter        Mage        Thief       
===CoffeeMUD Mage Classes===
Abjurer        Alterer        Conjurer        Diviner        Enchanter        Evoker        Illusionist        Mage        Transmuter       
Description: Transmuters are specialist mages who can transform the likeness and composition of anyone they touch. Transmutation is the most feared of magics, and the Transmuter is so skilled at his art that he gains all known transmutation spells automatically, including the most secret and ugly of spells only the specialist may learn.

Transmuters care nothing for conjuration, and so they soon neglect that kind of magic, being more fascinated with the many shapes of things right here at home. Although the Evoker believes himself the king of specialists with his harmful beams, the Transmuter is the most feared and hated of specialists for the terrible and awesome consequences of his spells.

Primary Stat: Intelligence
Qualifications: Intelligence 9+
Practices: 6 +[(Wisdom/6)+4 per lvl]. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the Wisdom/X+Y number.
Trains: 3 +1 per level. Note: The first number is the number gained at 1st level. Subsequent levels gain the number preceding the "per level".
Hit Points: 20 +[(Con/6)+(1d5) /lvl].
Mana: 100 +[(Int/3)+(1d4)/lvl].
Movement: 100 +[3X(Str/18) /lvl].
Attack: +(Int/18) per level.
Damage: +1 damage per 30 level(s).
Maximum Stat Values: Intelligence (25), Others (18)
Bonuses: At 5th level, receives bonus damage from Transmutation as levels advance. At 10th level, receives double duration on your Transmutation magic, and half duration from malicious Transmutation magic.
Weapons: Must use daggers, staves, or natural weapons.
Armor: Must wear cloth, vegetation, or paper based armor.
Limitations: Unable to cast Conjuration spells. Receives penalty damage from Conjuration as levels advance. Receives double duration from malicious Conjuration magic, half duration on other Conjuration effects.
Starting Equipment: a wooden quarterstaff
Races: Drow Elf Githyanki Gnome Half Elf Human Merfolk Mindflayer Orc Pixie Svirfneblin Tiefling
Level Class Skills (Skills in parenthesis must be trained for at a trainer or by another player.)
1 Deaden Smell    Write    Iron Grip    Resist Magic Missiles    Scroll Scribing    Read Magic    Wands    Shield    Revoke    Recall    (Prestidigitation)    (Memorize)    (Wizards Chest)    (Spider Climb)    (Repairing Aura)    (Play Instrument)    (Smoke Rings)    (Caravan Building)    (Erase Scroll)    (Magical Aura)    (Swim)    (Bandaging)    (Ventriloquate)    (Foraging)    (Herbology)    (Floristry)    (Fishing)    (Gem Digging)    (Drilling)    (Hunting)    (Shearing)    
2 Clog Mouth    Shrink    (Obscure Self)    (Detect Undead)    (Enchant Arrows)    (Blur)    (Animate Item)    (Light)    (Enlarge Object)    (Resist Poison)    (Infravision)    (Cooking)    (Wood Chopping)    (Butchering)    (Lacquering)    (Dyeing)    (Embroidering)    (Engraving)    
3 Deafen    Fire Building    Cause Stink    (Feather Fall)    (Summoning Ward)    (Sleep)    (Dream)    (Floating Disc)    (Wizard Lock)    (Knock)    (Detect Metal)    (Resist Gas)    (Know Alignment)    (Blacksmithing)    (Carpentry)    (Leather Working)    (Tailoring)    
4 Water Breathing    (Detect Poison)    (Burning Hands)    (Searching)    (Fake Spring)    (Resist Acid)    (Frost)    (Mage Armor)    (Friends)    (Endless Hunger)    (Fake Food)    (Detect Water)    (Distilling)    (Mining)    (Sculpting)    (Pottery)    (Tanning)    (Costuming)    (Weaving)    
5 Weakness to Gas    Shrink Mouth    (Resist Cold)    (Lesser Mend)    (Charm Ward)    (Spook)    (Faerie Fire)    (Mystic Shine)    (Harden)    (Dispel Magic)    (Detect Magic)    (Detect Gold)    (Glass Blowing)    (Scrimshawing)    (Armorsmithing)    (Weaponsmithing)    (Paper Making)    (Food Prep)    (Fletching)    (Cobbling)    (Baking)    (Painting)    
6 Weakness to Acid    Grace Of The Cat    (Stinking Cloud)    (Meld)    (Charm)    (Detect Invisible)    (Shocking Grasp)    (Resist Electricity)    (Illusory Wall)    (Augury)    (Find Home)    (Shepherding)    
7 Weakness to Cold    Light Sensitivity    (Refit)    (Fireball)    (Tourettes)    (Resist Fire)    (Invisibility)    (Darkness)    (Ghost Sound)    (Detect Hidden)    (Meat Curing)    
8 Weakness to Electricity    (Faerie Fog)    (Spellcraft)    (Fear)    (Shatter)    (Resist Disease)    (Elemental Storm)    (Teleportation Ward)    (Lightning Bolt)    (Identify Object)    (AutoSwim)    (AutoCrawl)    
9 Mass Waterbreath    Blind    Weakness to Fire    (Flameshield)    (Daydream)    (Farsight)    (Mirage)    (Awe)    (Comprehend Languages)    (Magic Mouth)    
10 Mute    (Arcane Mark)    (Gust of Wind)    (Slow)    (Resist Arrows)    (Ugliness)    (Locate Object)    (Phantom Hound)    (Smelting)    (Construction)    (Siegecrafting)    (Boatwrighting)    (Locksmithing)    (Speculating)    (Farming)    (Jewel Making)    (Wainwrighting)    (Masonry)    (Taxidermy)    (Shrooming)    
11 Change Sex    Weaken    Misstep    Stoneskin    (Acid Fog)    (Heat Metal)    (Improved Repairing Aura)    (Mirror Image)    (Suppress Aroma)    (Claireaudience)    (Feeblemind)    
12 Enlightenment    Fly    (Delirium)    (Destroy Object)    (Laughter)    (Confusion)    (Clairevoyance)    (Globe)    (Haste)    (Find Ship)    (Gardening)    
13 Giant Strength    Sonar    (Feign Death)    (Distant Vision)    (Earthquake)    (Frenzy)    (Resist Paralysis)    (Reinforce)    
14 (Mass Invisibility)    (Arcane Possession)    (Scribe)    (Silence)    (Know Value)    (Animate Weapon)    
15 Polymorph    Grow    (Climb)    (Irritation)    (Fake Weapon)    (Ensnare)    (Hold)    (Composting)    (Irrigation)    (Landscaping)    (Excavation)    
16 Mage Claws    (Choke)    (Chain Lightning)    (Fake Armor)    (Forecast Weather)    (Meditation)    (Free Movement)    
17 Lead Foot    (Clarify Scroll)    (Portal)    (Siphon)    (Fools Gold)    (Recharge Wand)    
18 Delude    (Reverse Gravity)    (See Aura)    (Web)    (Resist Petrification)    (AutoClimb)    (Food Preserving)    
19 Toadstool    Flesh Stone    (Improved Invisibility)    (Forget)    (Stone Flesh)    
20 Add Limb    Improved Polymorph    (Nightmare)    (Enchant Armor)    (Repulsion)    (Cloudkill)    (Scry)    (Branding)    
21 Polymorph Self    (Command)    (Alchemy)    (Immunity)    (Mass Haste)    
22 Hungerless    (Disenchant Item)    (Greater Globe)    (Enchant Weapon)    (Detect Sentience)    
23 Big Mouth    (Combat Precognition)    (Mind Block)    (Dragonfire)    (Time Stop)    
24 Thirstless    (Delay)    (Frailty)    (Anchor)    
25 Transformation    Mass Fly    (Disintegrate)    (Geas)    (Spell Turning)    
26 (Improved Alchemy)    
29 (Master Floristry)    (Master Herbology)    (Master Mycology)    
30 Clone    

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