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Thief Remort Achievements

When a character of level 61 or higher uses the REMORT command, they gain an achievement based on the classes and levels in those classes that they have at the instance before REMORTing. Remort achievements are numbered to display how many times a character must remort at or above the level requirement to gain that achievement (and the associated benefits). All Remort benefits are cumulative, so a level 90 character with 60 levels of thief and 30 levels of arcanist would gain a thief 30 remort achievement, a thief 60 remort achievement and an arcanist 30 remort achievement. Remorting a subsequent time in the same class would increment the "Past Life" number, so a player will receive the benefits of "Past Life II" on the next REMORT after receiving the Past Life I achievement from a particular class. The bonuses from each of those achievements are also cumulative, so if two achievements each offer a Damage +1 bonus, then all subsequent characters on the account would gain Damage +2. Skills and Expertises are granted for free at the level indicated in the "Rcv Lvl" column. Skills gained this way begin with a 0% starting proficiency.

Achievement Min Remort Lvl Arcanist Assassin Burglar Pirate Thief Trapper Rcv Lvl
Past Life I 30 Damage +1 Damage +1 Damage +1 Damage +1 Damage +1 Damage +1 1
Past Life II 30 Quality Crafting I Anatomy I Street Lore I Fitness I Stealth I Trap Disabling I 3
Past Life III 30 Spellcraft Dagger Specialization Swipe Superstition Hide Trophy Count 5
Past Life IV 30 Wise Crafting I Fluidity I Criminal I Calligraphy I Cautious I Trapping I 7
Past Life V 30 Recharge Wand Backstab Tag Turf Fence Loot Sneak Trap 9
Past Life VI 30 Wise Crafting II Dirty Fighting I Theft Mastery I Influencing I Shadow I Fatiguing I 11
Savant Past Life I 60 Damage +1 Damage +1 Damage +1 Damage +1 Damage +1 Damage +1 1
Savant Past Life II 60 Dexterity +1 Dexterity +1 Dexterity +1 Dexterity +1 Dexterity +1 Dexterity +1 1
Prodigal Past Life I 90 5% Resist Traps 5% Resist Traps 5% Resist Traps 5% Resist Traps 5% Resist Traps 5% Resist Traps 1
Prodigal Past Life II 90 Maximum Dexterity +1 Maximum Dexterity +1 Maximum Dexterity +1 Maximum Dexterity +1 Maximum Dexterity +1 Maximum Dexterity +1 1