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===CoffeeMUD Thief Classes===
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Thieves are unscrupulous members of society who often skirt the laws of man and magic to better themselves.

Prime Abilities

Thieves rely upon Dexterity to slip past their prey's reach.


  • Arcanist - Also known as a "Spell Thief", Arcanists wield limited amounts of magic, mostly borrowed from more practiced mages.
  • Assassin - The Assassin strikes his prey from the shadows and favors quick deadly blows to long protracted combat.
  • Burglar - The Burglar is a street thug, gang member or crime boss. Burglars primarily prey upon city folk due to the density of wealth from which they may operate.
  • Pirate - These nautical-themed rogues are adept at sea travel and raiding boats and coastal towns.
  • Reliquist - Also known as a "Prayer Thief", Reliquists often work with their deity to steal and craft holy items.
  • Thief - Thieves are stealthy adventures adept in deception, concealment, traps and perception.
  • Trapper - The trapper is the woodland thief, poaching prey for their profit.