Theran Battle Sash

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===Theran Battle Sash===
Wear Locations: Body
Weight: 2 Item Level: 91
Base Protection: 10 Material: Spidersteel
Wear Layer: 4 Multiwear (Y/N)?: N
Storage Capacity: Item Types
Base Value: 25000 Area: Reward from Loki
Is Magical (Y/N)?: Y Magic Level: 1
Is Invisible (Y/N)? Is Hidden (Y/N)?:
Is Glowing (Y/N)?: Is a Light Source (Y/N)?:
Other Affects: 12 Theran Medal slots, Item Bound
Is Crafting Learnable (Y/N)?: Crafting Skill/Level:

Theran Medals

Medal Name QP Cost Affect Notes
Copper Cross Medal 1 +50 Hit Points
Iron Cross Medal 3 +100 Hit Points
Silver Cross Medal 5 +150 Hit Points
Gold Cross Medal 7 +200 Hit Points
Platinum Cross Medal 9 +250 Hit Points
Single Bar Medal 1 +50 Movement
Double Bar Medal 3 +100 Movement
Triple Bar Medal 5 +150 Movement
Quadruple Bar Medal 7 +200 Movement
Quintuple Bar Medal 9 +250 Movement
Single Star Medal 1 +50 Mana
Double Star Medal 3 +100 Mana
Triple Star Medal 5 +150 Mana
Quadruple Star Medal 7 +200 Mana
Quintuple Star Medal 9 +250 Mana
Copper Shield Medal 1 +10 Armor
Iron Shield Medal 3 +20 Armor
Silver Shield Medal 5 +30 Armor
Gold Shield Medal 7 +40 Armor
Platinum Shield Medal 9 +50 Armor
Single Spear Medal 1 +10 Attack
Crossed Spears Medal 3 +20 Attack
Triple Spears Medal 5 +30 Attack
Quad Spears Medal 7 +40 Attack
Quint Spears Medal 9 +50 Attack
Single Barb Medal 1 +3 Damage
Double Barb Medal 3 +6 Damage
Triple Barb Medal 5 +10 Damage
Quadruple Barb Medal 7 +13 Damage
Quintuple Barb Medal 9 +16 Damage
Swiftness Medal 10 +0.25 Speed
Jhuidan Medal N/A +1 MAX INT For defeating the battlemage of Jhuidan during the challenge
Darken Rahl Medal N/A +1 MAX WIS For defeating the battlemage of Darken Rahl during the challenge


This sash is awarded by the Archon Loki for exceptional service to Midgaard. Medals from specific challenges can be slotted onto the sash with the PUT (medalname) SASH syntax (or similar). These medals can be changed out.