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Examples: train strength Horice

train monk Horice

Description: If your character has at least one training point, this command will allow you to raise the ability score of the specified trait. In addition to specifying the ability to train, you must also specify a MOB who is present in the room who can train you in that skill. The traits abbreviated above refer to the following:

STR = +1 STRENGTH per 1 training points

DEX = +1 DEXTERITY per 1 training points

INT = +1 INTELLIGENCE per 1 training points

WIS = +1 WISDOM per 1-5 training points

CON = +1 CONSTITUTION per 1-5 training points

CHR = +1 CHARISMA per 1-5 training points

[*] Training up to 18 costs 1 training point, up to 22 costs 2, up to 25 costs 3, and stats above 25 cost 5.

HIT = +10 HIT POINTS per 1 training point

MANA = +20 MANA per 1 training point

MOVE = +20 MOVEMENT per 1 training point

GAIN = +1 TRAINING POINTS per 7 practices

PRAC = +5 PRACTICES per 1 training point

In addition to attributes, the train command is used to switch to a new class. This costs a single training point, and will give the player a 0 level in the chosen class. From this point on, the player will gain levels in the new class, while retaining skills and qualifications from the old class up to the level at which the class switch was made. Use the QUALIFY command to find out what other classes you may be able to TRAIN for.


  • To learn from another player, that player should use the TEACH command.
  • You must be able to speak in order to train.
  • In a deferred experience system, you use this command without any parameters when in the presences of someone else from your class (or a class guildmaster) to receive your experience for that MUDDAY.