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There are six primary stats in CoffeeMUD, several health stats and a number of resistances. The six primary stats are displayed on your SCORE card, but you can also use the STAT command to view a specific stat. The primary stats have both a current score and a maximum score. The maximum score is the most you can TRAIN that primary stat to. Calculations are based off of your current stat. Certain calculations will be limited by your maximum stat, while others will have no limit.

Your RACE will determine your Max Stats, and be modified by your CLASS. There are spells, items, and rewards which could also affect your stat or max stat spread throughout the world of CoffeeMUD.


Physical strength and fighting prowess is reflected in strength.

  • Strength also affects how much you may carry.
  • Strength modifies the amount of damage you inflict in melee combat. Every 2 points of strength below 10 results in -1 physical damage bonus. Every 2 points of strength above 10 results in +1 physical damage bonus.
  • Strength is used in determining MOVEMENT recovery outside of combat or climbing.
  • Strength is used to determine ATTACK score (in addition to many classes earning bonus attack based on strength).


Memory and concentration, mana, critical spell/skill damage, and the ability to gain greater proficiency in skills and spells through practice are reflected in Intelligence. *Intelligence often affects how much MANA is gained per level.

  • Intelligence is used (with Wisdom) in determining MANA regeneration outside of combat or climbing.
  • Intelligence is used to determine spell critical hit chance.
  • Intelligence is used to determine spell critical hit damage.
  • Intelligence determines the likelihood of increasing skill proficiency with skill use.
  • Intelligence modifies the amount of proficiency increase when using PRACTICE.
  • Intelligence and the teacher's proficiency determines the base skill proficiency when using GAIN.
  • Some high level abilities may be unavailable to train if your Intelligence is too low.
    • An 18 Intelligence should be enough to learn any ability, but some expertises may require a higher Intelligence.


Agility, critical damage, and the ability to dodge blows is reflected in Dexterity.

  • Dexterity is used in calculating final armor score.
  • Dexterity is used in calculating melee and ranged critical hit chance.
  • Dexterity is used in calculating melee and ranged critical hit damage.
  • Dexterity affects a character's ability to resist and recover from knockdown and trip type attacks.
  • The more dexterous you are, the more likely you are to avoid damage from various shielding spells like blade barrier, doom aura, flameshield or shockshield.


Health, stamina, and the ability to live through harder fights is reflected in Constitution.

  • Constitution often affects how many HITS and MOVES are gained per level.
  • Constitution is the primary driver in hit point recovery outside of combat or climbing.
  • Constitution affects disease and poison resistance.


Grace, charm, followers, and the ability to get better prices from merchants is reflected in Charisma.

  • Charisma determines the maximum number of followers a party leader may have.
  • Charisma affects buy and sell prices to vendors.
CHA Sell to Vendor

Price Modifier

Buy from Vendor

Price Modifier

Max Followers
1 *0.007 0
2 *0.014 0
3 *0.021 0
4 *0.029 0
5 *0.036 0
6 *0.043 1
7 *0.05 1
8 *0.057 1
9 *0.064 2
10 *0.071 2
11 *0.079 2
12 *0.086 3
13 *0.093 3
14 *0.1 3
15 *0.107 4
16 *0.114 4
17 *0.121 4
18 *0.129 5


Intuition, wit, mana, and the ability to gain more practice points per level is reflected in Wisdom.

  • Bonus practices per level are gained per 6 full points of Wisdom, with a maximum bonus determined by MAXWISDOM.
  • Wisdom is used (with Intelligence) in determining MANA regeneration outside of combat or climbing.


These stats represent the overall state of being of a character, and change due to combat or passage of time. The base stat is the normal maximum for the character, and the current stat is the current state.


Hits represents the total physical health of the character. Also known as Hit Points, when hits is reduced to 0, the character dies.


Mana is the mystical force within a character. Mana is expended to perform magical abilities, but generally recovers faster than hits.


Move, or movement, represents a character's stamina. Move is expended to perform physical activities, including moving from room to room, swimming, climbing, during each round of combat, and special combat maneuvers.


If a character doesn't receive nutrition, they will suffer effects of hunger. At the basic level of hunger, there is a penalty to your combat prowess. If you continue to not eat, eventually the severity of the messages will warn you of your impending doom. Ignoring these messages (or not finding food to solve your hunger) will ultimately result in starvation and death.

For a listing of abilities related to hunger, see Category:Hunger.



From time to time, your character may get fatigued. If this happens, then you get some SLEEP to alleviate the fatigue. Failing to do so will affect your characters attack and defensive capabilities. If fatigue gets severe enough, your character may pass out and fall asleep on their own.

For a listing of abilities related to fatigue, see Category:Fatigue.


Resistances, or saving throws, in CoffeeMUD represent an entities ability to resist certain types of attacks. Saving throws are read as percentage chance of resisting the affect, so a save of 5 is equivalent to a 5% chance of resisting that ability. Saving throws can be modified by a number of factors in CoffeeMUD, so even if your saving throw is over 100 for a particular affect, you may take damage from that source. For all saving throws, there is a 5% chance of critical failure (meaning, no matter how good your save is, there is still a chance an affect will get through), as well as a 5% chance of critical success (5% chance you will resist the ability).










This is the player's resistance to various diseases. Some diseases are inherently more difficult to resist, so a 100 Disease Resist does not provide absolute immunity to diseases.







This is a saving throw for any other affect which allows a save, but does not fall under any of the previous categories. Sometimes, abilities will allow for a specific save AND a general save, providing a second chance for a critical success on your saving throw roll.