Spell Wish

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Domain: Alteration
Available: Alterer(60)
Allows: Ranged Altering Wise Crafting Reduced Altering Extended Altering Power Altering
UseCost: Mana (all)
Quality: Circumstantial
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: CAST, CA, C
Examples: cast wish for hassan to turn into a frog

cast wish to be recalled cast wish to teleport to smurfy road cast wish for more strength cast wish for 1000 gold coins cast wish for the one ring cast wish for hassan to be immune to fire cast wish for bob to be higher level

Description: This, the most powerful of magic spells, causes the spellcasters wish to come true. The cost to cast the spell is all of the casters mana plus 25 experience points, and will require a lengthy recovery before it can be cast again. The cost for having the wish granted may range from nothing more, to further experience drains, to the loss of levels, and/or points of permanent Constitution. Wishing for changes in level to players or items is the most costly, as it will cause the caster to lose at least as many levels as he wishes the target to gain or lose. Next most costly is wishing for skills, as the level cost increases with new unqualifying skills the target has. Unlike Limited Wish, even very powerful wishes may be cast another target, provided they are in the room when the wish is cast! Wish also costs half the experience drain that Limited Wish does.

Sample Powerful Wishes

It is possible to wish to BECOME another race, class or gender. Since this type of wish can potentially bend the fabric of reality, creating possibilities that are beyond the laws of nature, they often come at a much greater cost to the caster.

  • Wishing for a player to change race to an existing player race (WISH BOB BECOME AN ELF) will cost 525 experience points, 1 point of Constitution (and Max Constitution), AND an additional 1 level loss.
  • Wishing for a player to gain an ability level 24 or lower, with other limitations (WISH BOB LEARN TEMPO) will cost 525 experience, 1 point of Constitution (and Max Constitution) AND an additional 2 levels lost.
  • Wishing for a player to become a class that they do not qualify for costs 1025 experience and 1 point of Constitution (and Max Constitution), AND an additional 3 level losses.

Sample Lesser Wishes

Not all wishes will result in constitution drain. Try some of these lesser versions of wish:



  • Wise Crafting reduces the amount of experience points lost when casting wish.

Failed Wishing Attempts

  • Wishing with poor syntax can result in unpredictable results or loss of experience.
  • Wishing for powers with multiple words in their name can also have unexpected results. For example, wishing to give someone the ability to cast find plant could result in that person being turned into a plant. Adding quotes around the name will normally provide the desired results.