Spell SpottersOrders

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===Spotters Orders===
Domain: Divination
Available: Diviner(18)
Allows: Extended Divining Power Divining Reduced Divining Ranged Divining
UseCost: Mana (68)
Quality: Always Beneficial
Targets: Caster only
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: CAST, CA, C
Examples: cast "spotters orders"
Description: The caster detects the weaknesses of his or her current combat target, and simultaneously makes a telepathic link with all of his or her group members in order to communicate that knowledge to them. The effect of this is that, so long as the caster focuses on his combat target and his group members remain in the room, they will benefit from the spell Detect Weaknesses and have enhanced attack and damage bonuses from the knowledge imparted to them. This spell requires that the caster be in combat, that the caster be in a group, and that his or her group be nearby.