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Domain: Invocation/Evocation
Available: Abjurer(17) Conjurer(17) Diviner(17) Enchanter(17) Evoker(17) Illusionist(17) Mage(17) Transmuter(17) Wizard(17)
Allows: Ranged In/Evoking Reduced In/Evoking Extended In/Evoking Power In/Evoking
UseCost: Mana (966367641)
Quality: Circumstantial
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: CAST, CA, C
Examples: cast portal junction
Description: This spell opens a swirling energy portal to the specific room or place named in the spell. The 'place name' must be contained in the short description shown of the place. The portal will only stay open for a short time, and may be entered using the "ENTER" command.


  • This is an evocation, since the caster is INVOKING a stable wormhole (portal) to another location. They are using magical force to stabilize the wormhole long enough for a player to go through. This is different from Conjuration, which pulls beings and items from one place to another using a different form of magic (dimensional gates).