Spell PhantomHound

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===Phantom Hound===
Domain: Illusion
Available: Abjurer(10) Alterer(10) Conjurer(10) Enchanter(10) Evoker(10) Illusionist(10) Mage(10) Transmuter(10) Wizard(10)
Allows: Reduced Illusing Power Illusing Ranged Illusing Extended Illusing
UseCost: Mana (60)
Quality: Malicious
Targets: Creatures
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: CAST, CA, C
Examples: cast "phantom hound"
Description: This spell creates an illusionary beast to appear during combat. The beast will immediately engage the casters enemy, taking all damage for the caster. The beast will appear to do great damage, but all damage is illusionary. The beast disappears when the enemy is vanquished, if the beast is disbelieved, or if the beast takes too much damage.