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===Magic Item===
Domain: Enchantment/Charm
Available: Arcanist(30)
Allows: Extended Enchanting Power Enchanting Ranged Enchanting Reduced Enchanting Wise Crafting
UseCost: Mana (all)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: CAST, CA, C
Examples: cast "magic item" "Giant Strength" sword
Description: This spell allows magic to be permanently melded with an item. It requires all of the casters mana, and costs experience starting at 1100 (and going up depending on the level of the spell). However, when completed, the item is permanently magical. Armor will endow the wearer with the spell whenever the armor is worn. Weapons will deliver the spell as damage. Potions and Pills can also be created from this spell, though creating potions using Alchemy is far less expensive.


  • Certain spells, especially level 25 and above, cannot be imbued onto items.
  • Offensive spells should be placed on weapons, while beneficial spells should be placed on items.
    • Spells on weapons have a 25% chance per hit of triggering.
  • Only one spell affect per wear location is permitted, and that is usually generated by the top-most item. Putting on an item over an item enchanted with MAGIC ITEM may result in the MAGIC ITEM affect being suppressed.
    • Only one item in the FLOATING NEARBY location will provide an affect from MAGIC ITEM.
  • Stolen items may not be enchanted with this spell.
  • Items crafted with a bonus (such as the Well-Dressed bonus from Exquisite-level Quality Crafting) cannot be enchanted.
  • Some crafting modifications, such as Embroidering and Engraving may result in items that cannot be enchanted.
  • Magic Items cannot be enchanted. You must make them mundane first with the Disenchant spell.

Spells that don't work with Magic Item

  • Stoneskin
  • Mirror Image
  • Any spell with a cost greater than 45 mana
  • Any spell greater than level 24
  • Summoning spells
  • Spells that affect a room