Spell FindFamiliar

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===Find Familiar===
Domain: Conjuration
Available: Abjurer(6) Alterer(6) Conjurer(6) Diviner(6) Enchanter(6) Evoker(6) Illusionist(6) Mage(6) Wizard(6)
Allows: Reduced Conjuring Power Conjuring Extended Conjuring Wise Crafting Ranged Conjuring
UseCost: Mana (all)
Quality: Always Beneficial
Targets: Caster only
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: CAST, CA, C
Examples: cast "find familiar"
Description: This spell will conjure up a "pet" for the caster with specific powers. The spell requires 100 experience and all mana to cast. The pet which results from the spell exists only as long as the pet is able to follow the caster. The pet will, in addition to typical follower duties, grant stat and other bonuses specific to the race of the pet. The type of pet, which is random, may be: a dog, a turtle, a cat, a bat, a rat, a snake, an owl, a rabbit, or a raven. The special abilities granted, respectively are: +1 str and detect hidden, +1 str and water breathing, +1 dex and resist paralyze, +1 dex and resist blindness, +1 con and resist disease, +1 con and resist poison, +1 wis and infravision, +1 charisma and "Awe", and +1 int and resistence to undead/negative energies.


  • The 100 experience point cost is applied even to failed attempts at summoning a familiar.