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Slayer Achievements

Slayer achievements are attained when a character completes a set amount of kills of a particular type of MOB, be it of a specified level, race, alignment, name, class or some other parameter or combination of parameters.

Achievement Kill Count Slayer Parameters Title Reward
Dragon Slayer 200 Level>20, Race=Dragon *, Dragon Slayer
Cat Hater 1000 Racial Category=Feline *, Cat Hater
Exterminator 500 Racial Category=Insect, Arachnid, or Rodent *, Exterminator
Conquering Maelstrom 1 Name=Maelstrom
Colossal kraken killer 1 Name=a krakens head
Victor of the ultimate dragon battle 1 Name=a chromatic five headed dragon
Defeated the Trial of Courage in Tzbraka's Training Academy 1 Name=a red-crested firedrake 200 XP