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Abilities are the generic name of the grouping of chants, prayers, skills, songs and spells. If an ability hasn't been updated to the wiki, information can still be found on the CoffeeMUD Player's Homepage.

Gaining Abilities

Characters primarily gain abilities through their class qualifications. Some skills are automatically gained by a class, but most abilities are qualified by a class. Clans may also impart abilities gains or qualifications for a character, and there are other methods of gaining abilities as well.

In order to learn an ability that is qualified for, a character must spend the assigned TRAINS or PRACTICES to learn it, and either use the GAIN command at a class guildmaster (who must know that skill) or have a friendly player use the TEACH command and confirm the skill is the one the player desires.

Improving Abilities

Skills improve gradually through use to a maximum of 100% proficiency. This gradual skill increase is limited to a maximum of 1% every 5 minutes (To be confirmed), with the probability of gaining a skill bump determined by the character's Intelligence and limited by the character's Maximum Intelligence.

Players may use the PRACTICE command with a guildmaster or player that has the skill to increase the skill to as high as 75% (or lower if the teacher has a lower proficiency). Each PRACTICE will increase the skill by a significant amount, determined by the character's Intelligence and limited by the character's Maximum Intelligence.

Losing Abilities

Once an ability is TRAINED, it cannot be untrained or unlearned.


Chants are druidic magic. Chants call upon the power of the natural world to create accelerated events, like plant growth, storms or animal affinity.


Languages are unique forms of communication within CoffeeMUD. The SPEAK command is used to select the current language the character is delivering messages in. Languages apply to the SAY and YELL commands, as well as all CHANNEL communications. A character must deliver orders to followers in a language that the follower understands, and must converse in the same language as a shopkeeper to conduct trade.


Prayers are clerical magic. Prayers call upon the power of a deity to affect the mortal world.


Skills are innate or trained abilities that rely upon an individual's talent. Skills work in anti-magic zones. There are 3 sub-types of skills: Skills, Thief Skills, and Common Skills.

  • Skills - Skills are non-magical abilities.
  • Thief Skills - These are skills common to the thief classes, but sometimes appear on your qualifying list as Thief Skills.
  • Common Skills - Common skills are everyday skills that any player may learn, regardless of class.
    • Crafting Skills - Crafting skills are a special subset of common skills that enable a character to create items from raw materials. Characters have a maximum number of crafting skills that they may learn (normally 2). Starting your career as an Apprentice increases this limit by 1. Other methods, such as REMORT Achievements and Archon-run competitions may also provide increases to this limit. The Artisan class ignores this limit.
    • Non-Crafting Common Skills - Certain non-crafting common skills (primarily GATHERING skills) also have a limit (normally 5) to how many skills a character may accept. The Artisan class ignores this limit.


Songs are bardic magic. They call upon the power of a bard to influence others.


Spells are arcane magic. They are powered by mystical formulas and rituals.


Every ability belongs to a domain, or a grouping of abilities that rely upon similar characteristics. Expertises generally modify all skills within a given domain. You can also list only abilities of a particular domain by adding the domain name after the ability command, such as SKILLS CRAFTING or WILLQUAL 30 DRUID NATURE_LORE. For domain names with a space, use underscore instead of a space in commanding.