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Domain: Calligraphy
Available: Abjurer(1) Alterer(1) Apprentice(1) Arcanist(1) Artisan(1) Assassin(1) Barbarian(1) Bard(1) Beastmaster(1) Burglar(1) Charlatan(1) Cleric(1) Conjurer(1) Delver(1) Diviner(1) Doomsayer(1) Druid(1) Enchanter(1) Evoker(1) Fighter(1) Gaian(1) Gaoler(1) Healer(1) Illusionist(1) Jester(1) Mage(1) Mer(1) Minstrel(1) Missionary(1) Monk(1) Necromancer(1) Oracle(1) Paladin(1) Pirate(1) Dancer(1) Purist(1) Ranger(1) Sailor(1) Scholar(1) Shaman(1) SkyWatcher(1) Templar(1) Thief(1) Transmuter(1) Trapper(1) Wizard(1)
Allows: Embroidering Engraving Fine Calligraphy
UseCost: Mana (5)
Quality: Circumstantial
Targets: Items
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Commands: WRITE, WR
Examples: write parchment From recall, go nseeseenwesee
Description: This skill allows one to write ordinary messages onto ordinary paper, parchments, and similar writing material. The language the player will write in will depend on which language the player is currently SPEAKing.

When writing on a journal, you need not specify any parameters when using this command.


  • Writing proficiency affects the end result of the written text.
  • Writing proficiency is also checked for Embroidering and Engraving skills.
  • You can use the Color Codes to add color to your texts.
    • If you do not have your ANSI enabled, you won't be able to see colors, but other readers with ANSI enabled will.