Skill WildernessLore

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===Wilderness Lore===
Domain: Nature Lore
Available: Artisan(1) Barbarian(1) Beastmaster(1) Delver(1) Druid(1) Gaian(1) Oracle(9) Scholar(9) Trapper(13)
Allows: Floristry Nature Lore Weaving
UseCost: Mana (51)
Quality: Circumstantial
Range: Touch, or not applicable
Examples: wlore

wlore report

Description: Tells you what type of terrain you are presently in or on, and something about the climate. As expertise increases, you'll also be able to recognize the types of resources that places like this might provide. The REPORT argument will cause the results to be recited out loud.


  • This ability will report many rooms as CITY STREET, indicating that the rooms are outdoor rooms, generally with no resources and subject to certain urban skills.